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  1. SOLD Ping i210 Right hand 4-PW, GW (8 clubs) Dynamic Gold 120 S300 Green dot 1/4” long Power spec lofts D3 swingweight Tour velvet grip with 1 extra wrap Matching serial numbers Clubs are in excellent condition. Light scratches from normal use but no dings or gouges. Used 3 rounds and a couple range sessions. Bought 2 sets and keeping the other set with different shafts. SOLD
  2. Did not know Srixon made a SW in ZX7. Is this available in US?
  3. Both are great. Really don’t see much of an upgrade with the fairways. If you are happy with TS2 I would stick with it.
  4. Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 56.12SS Right hand Stock AWT2.0 shaft Blue dot Standard length, loft Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip standard size Club in Excellent condition. Only used a few rounds and some practice time. Light scratches from use but no dings or gouges. SOLD
  5. I think in a former life we won a tournament together at Heron Glen.... Visited GEA up until a couple years ago. It was entertaining at times. Golf equipment talk died long ago. I think the political talk ruined a lot of relationships which is sad. Seemed like everyone wanted to be so negative. I remember when Matt Pavin (Corey’s brother) would come on and answer questions about Titleist equipment (he was a rep) and a lot of people would start bashing him about Titleist. When I moved to New Jersey started playing with the Nutz group. Had a lot of fun. Most have either m
  6. This is not something Taylor Made is good with. I and many others on this forum have requested this and what you will typically receive is a club cut to the correct length but with a very low swing weight C6-C9. I have given up with them and just figure on adding hot melt to get what I want.
  7. I tried to order a set end of January was told 10-12 weeks. Titleist was having major problems keeping heads in stock. I would be surprised if it improved.
  8. I went TSi2 for this very reason. Both are great but I felt much more comfortable with the shorter stock length in Titleist.
  9. Mine arrived 3 days after the initial estimated delivery date. I didn't see any updates for about a week after Anaheim and they were at the my local Fed Ex facility and then out for deliver same day. Tracking is worthless these days for both Fed Ex and USPS.
  10. I ordered ZX7's 4-AW with Modus 125 stiff on 1/22. Shipped on 2/15. Just received yesterday 2/23. Ground shipping across country is brutal.
  11. If Phil switches shafts and starts hitting even 50% of fairways everyone on GolfWRX would purchase.
  12. Like Nippon 125s in irons definitely would love to try this in a driver. Will be interested in seeing reviews on this shaft.
  13. Yes I recall seeing them in a local Golfdom store. Heads came in a box with clear front cover.
  14. I think much like the ‘16 M2 it is going to be really tough to beat last years SIM.
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