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  1. Has anyone hit both? I have the proto+ but went back to my Gen2 xf driver because I was getting more accuracy and just as much if not more distance than the proto. I used the same shaft in both . I’m thinking maybe I could get more distance and same accuracy with the Gen4. Thanks in advance .
  2. Professionally pulled . Only used for a few months and always stored in AC. $100 shipped OBO Thanks
  3. What’s the difference between the putters ? They are both double wide correct?
  4. How stiff is the S+? I play the 639 MB's with LZ stiff shafts now. Thanks
  5. Left hand low. I could never get comfortable with the standard grip.
  6. I’d be interested in the driver head if Jp wanted the shaft
  7. 10.5* shaft is Ozik MFS60 stiff shaft with a Lamkin Z5 midsize Grip 45” how about $197 shipped? Now $159 I’ll ship with head removed to save on shipping . Any wrench can be used to put head back on. TRADES: 1.Armlock putter. 2.Autoflex shaft 505. I’d add cash to make the swap. Thanks
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