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  1. 5-pw correct? What shafts? Any interest in Sub70 639 mb’s 5-pw. Project x lz 6.0 shafts ? Thanks
  2. Absolutely loved them but I jacked up my back (herniated disc plus other issues) and I just don’t have the ss anymore
  3. Getting rid of clubs that go in and out of my bag. All price are shipped or BO. Add $10 west of the Mississippi due to postage rates just gettting stupid . As for trades: Sacks Parente putters and a set of stiff flex irons (preferably PXG 3rd generation) You can always email me at [email protected] with any questions or if you want pictures . It’s much easier for me to check e-mail than the site especially when I’m supposed to be paying attention at work 1. SIK flo c armlock. 40” with a super stroke grip and stock HC. Sold 2. Sub70 MB 639’s with Project x lz 6.0 grips. These
  4. Not really looking for trades but it never hurts to ask. All great putters but time to move on. 1. Bobby Grace 40” F-22 long. Lie is 71. Loft is 5* according to Golf Galaxy. This has a GREAT feel . I bought a SIK armlock and don’t need 2 of them. I know im going to regret selling this . $299 2. TRU2 Vinci putter with stability shaft. 35” Face is pretty much a copy of the SIK theory that you get a true roll matter where you hit it . Sold 3. SeeMore Si3. 34”. This is a great putter if you struggle with getting the right alignment $95 I’m in FL so Pleas
  5. Nobody has tried these putters???????
  6. So I went to Club Champion to try these. Incredibly soft. REALLY want one but would love to see some reviews . Loved the 39, the 66 and to some extent the mallets. Thanks!
  7. Is the PXG similar to the odyssey double wide? what length? What weights are in it ?
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