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  1. Looking for a squareback 2 or 1.5
  2. Guys, I started to look at some of the online stuff out there and went to the range and started to try something new out. I am left side bias and the thought I am using is, rotating the left upper bicep to the top of the swing. No thoughts on wrist set or position. Once at the top I am re- rotating the forearm back to square/impact. If I want to fade it I hold it off a little and if I want to draw it I close it a tab more before impact. I have been hitting it good but wanted to see if anyone else has stumbled upon this type of swing. Looking to see if this is just disaster waiting to hap
  3. Titleist 620 cbs 4-pw with Project X LZ6.0/120g shafts. Clubs are standard L/L/L. SOLD
  4. Nice Envroll ER2 up for sale. SOLD. Head weight is 370
  5. The total length is 43” without being installed. It is a driver shaft. Should play at 44.5
  6. Up for sale I have 2 putters to sell 1. Never Compromise GM2 looking for 75/BO
  7. Gently used all original packaging. SOLD Trades: Putters Wedge sets - preferably Taylormade, Cleveland, or Titleist
  8. Clean set of Apex Pro (2016) 4- PW with project x 6.0. Clubs and faces are in great shape. SOLD Trades: Launch Monitor other iron sets with stiff shafts
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