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  1. Brand new 35 in putter with stroke lab shaft. Comes with head cover looking for 250 OBO
  2. Sims Hybrid brand new 250 shipped Modus tour 130 SOLD GD tour ad-di 7x 150 shipped Tour ad-di plays 45 inches when added to head
  3. @KMeloney @Nail_It I have to focus on the forearm muscle to not overly open the club or have the club closed down at hip high. My forearm across the chest put me on plane but I do fight timing issues. I started to use this when I was doing a 9 to 3 drill and noticed that the smallest of forearm rotation actually put me in decent positions at hip high on video. Since my left side is my dominant side I feel like the forearm is a trigger type thing for me or a FEEL to help my swing. Thank you for your replies guys!
  4. @Nail_It what are your thoughts on having the left forearm rotate the club to the top and the left forearm to return the club back to impact. If you stand up with club in front and almost fully extended, my whole swing is rotate the left forearm (not wrist) to the top and as I get to the top feel the re-rotation of the left forearm to bring me to impact. This creates a late set and at times timing issues. Are you more in line with an early set and keeping the set and letting the speed build from top of swing through impact with the feeling of going left? With current swing it is hard to go left unless I hold it off but then I don't get a full release feeling through the ball. Thx for your time Eddie
  5. Gently used Titleist AP2 4-pw with stiff shaft DG S-300. Standard L/L/L SOLD
  6. graphite Design Tour Ad DI X7 with TM measure 43” to tip. Looking for 175 shipped obo
  7. I am struggling lately with pulls and blocks. I really can't seem to figure out what is causing the inconsistencies. I would love to be able to play a cut but nothing is working out for me no matter what I try. I am hoping someone can see some issues and will allow me to get back to striking the ball again. Here is my latest swing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSWZv2Kj7nA
  8. Guys, I started to look at some of the online stuff out there and went to the range and started to try something new out. I am left side bias and the thought I am using is, rotating the left upper bicep to the top of the swing. No thoughts on wrist set or position. Once at the top I am re- rotating the forearm back to square/impact. If I want to fade it I hold it off a little and if I want to draw it I close it a tab more before impact. I have been hitting it good but wanted to see if anyone else has stumbled upon this type of swing. Looking to see if this is just disaster waiting to happen. So basically stand up with club in front of me and rotate left bicep across chest and rotate counter clock wise back to set up. Repeat that in my golf stance.
  9. Titleist 620 cbs 4-pw with Project X LZ6.0/120g shafts. Clubs are standard L/L/L. SOLD
  10. Nice Envroll ER2 up for sale. SOLD. Head weight is 370
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