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  1. I can't get too mad they made a mistake and corrected it to my satisfaction. Ive run some different businesses and we prided ourselves in our customer service , but no matter how much you trained or tried some employee would do or say something stupid. All you could do was your best to resolve the situation. It wasn't too inconvenient and I think the smart mouth probably lost his job or somehow severely reprimanded. I was extremely happy they handled everything as quickly as they did and exactly per my request. Hats off to them . BTW I'm extremely happy with the head shaft combo they fitted me with.
  2. FINAL UPDATE - COOL CLUBS stood to their word on satisfaction - club was rushed and some glue from adapter got inside the head and wrong screw was inserted trashing adapter -- New Head plus new adapter ( I wanted the same shaft for I was hitting it great and didn't want to chance another) also credit for shaft that was in it. They said snarky comments from person at desk would be dealt with . I am happy for they came through to my satisfaction. Will use again ----
  3. I paid for the fitting and am fully expecting to get this resolved - I am very surprised for people have had great luck with them as friends and family - That is why I posed the question for I thought maybe I was off base. Ive got this feeling that the screw was stripped and a shortcut was taken, but who knows we will see next week.
  4. UPdate - I spoke with Cool Clubs management and we are meeting when I return to AZ next Monday - gave them 3 options-- 1. Redo the Head (or New Head) with the proper adjustable Hosel and Shaft installed with proper adjustable adapter and give me a Alta CB shaft or reimburse me the cost to have shaft replaced by Ping . 2. Pull the shaft and replace with Stock Alta shaft and proper adapter reimburse my money ( fitting fee as well for my trouble ) and we go on our way. 3. Tell me to pound sand and I'll take it to Ping to fix and blast them to anyone who will listen plus file a BBB complaint with restitution. They didn't give me any indication as to direction they will go other than say they are shocked that the shaft was glued to the head and wanted to investigate. I appreciate the input from everyone it cemented by belief in what happened -
  5. I don't like playing on the access I have for our friends are constantly badgered -- Cool Clubs has done a great Job in there past for friends and a couple of my boys thats why I asked the question for I thought maybe things have changed.
  6. It looks like a normal screw head tightening the shaft to the head but when you unscrew it it has the thread and point of a wood screw - I was shocked when I unscrewed it.- Driver is in AZ and I'm in Wisconsin for the week so couldn't take pics it looks good till you unscrew it.
  7. That could be after all I'm just an old slump. What they don't realize I came from an era without all these fancy machines to optimize the clubs performance - when we got new clubs we would weight them with lead tape and bend them till we got the feel and performance we wanted -
  8. Thanks everyone for your comments it confirmed my suspicions - I also talked to a couple LPGA players today that are on the Ping staff and their shafts are adjustable. I'm calling them tomorrow with a few options - I'll see what they say - I used to go Bat s*** crazy when stuff like this happened but learned 2 things - theres alot worse things happening in the world than my little problems and when you should be mad and you stay calm and direct it scares the hell out of people
  9. I would have in a heartbeat, but the club was drop shipped to CoolClubs - I didn't find out that it would take a month to get a head till I was back in Minnesota.
  10. The workmanship looks clean its the lack of flexibility with tuning that bothers me and the difficulty with changing shafts in the future.
  11. I need some advice before I escalate an issue I perceive. I'm 70 years old and have been playing for 60 years - I play to a 5.5 usga handicap so I can still get the ball in the hole. I wanted to get more run out of my drives so at my sons suggestion I went to CoolClubs in Scottsdale for a fitting ( Thought cheaper than the experimenting I've been doing ) I didn't get massive increases but enough to order a G425 Driver with an accra shaft. They called and said it would be a month till they could get the G425 head and I asked if I could buy it and ship it to them. They said no problem since they made little on the heads anyway. Well I sent them a near new G425 with the stock shaft . A week later when I went to pick up the club they said they destroyed the other shaft for it was cheap anyway. When I said all they had to do is unscrew it and in 2 instances my sons had gotten their shafts back when they picked the new setup. I bit the bullet and said fine and went to test out the new stick. I was getting slightly better results than my previous driver but was now getting a baby fade versus the baby draw I usually get. Thought it might be from the club being lighter for I was having trouble feeling the head like my old one. ( PXG Proto X+ ) bnI adjusted the back weight then got a hook so I thought I'd adjust the hosel to tone it down. When I Tried to unscrew the head It was glued in place with no means to adjust it ( Looks like a different sleeve ) Screw is just a wood screw to fill the hole. Now no means to tweak unless some hot melt is used and I can't change shafts easily. I was told that its glued in for the shaft is pured and it would undo the profile. I have run a pro practice facility for 30 years for Champions and PGA tour and ever since the advent of adjustable hosel have never seen them glued in and the factory reps, players and coaches adjusting the hosels all the time during the practice days. My two boys who have gotten drivers there have the hosels you can adjust so I'm wondering if this is something new or I'm being played. If the isn't the right part of the forum please let me know where to post.
  12. I was running the Practice Facility at that 3M Open and found Bryson to be a courteous driven young man who played to the fans and especially kids more than most. He was really quirky , but most of the players are they just hide it better. Even then he spent hours on the range and was the last one to leave. He'd put on a clinic for the fans that hung around to watch and gave away a lot of balls and gloves to the kids. His caddy would also bring us back all the practice balls that didn't meet the weight spec they were suppose to be ( yes theyd weigh each practice ball ) On last funny note - he asked us to run to the clubhouse and get some gatorade ( we couldn't have any on the range because of some sponsorship reason ) When I returned with a 6pack for he and his caddy he had the caddy give me a 20 - I refused it but caddy came over and said please take it or he will obsess over it for awhile I said have him keep it but giove a ball or something to or kids washing balls - his caddy came and asked if he could borrow a cart to go to the clubhouse and came back with 5 dozen balls for our kids. n( Dozen for each kid). I have been a fan ever since.
  13. Wow this brought back too many bad memories - but probably the most embarassing was when a friend and I played early one morning on Ladies day at his club ( verty snooty club in st.paul) the pro said just keep a low profile and get out of here as soon as your done - wekl on the 9th hole in front of the clubhouse I managed the blade a sand wedge on a easy par 5 and it smashed through the screen in the out door dining area right into the womens club brunch - needless to say he was suspended for a month and I had a bill for broken dishes and screen - 20 years later he still reminds me of it every time I have a sand wedge shot into a short 5 :).
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