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  1. The standard grips are pretty much the size of a Tour Velvet with double sided tape. The reduced taper does make them girthier in the bottom half, however. I have short fingers and wear a cadet L glove (before leather grips - no gloves anymore). The undersize felt too small, and I really expected to like them. The undersized also feel firmer to me, as odd as that must sound. Call Zach and get his opinion.
  2. GHG has consistently terrible opinions, but we played Wilderness on Monday afternoon and it was fantastic. Some winterkill but overall good condition and some really great, fun greens. The long par 3 16th is especially memorable. Brauer did a great job in the swamp. Apparently that was a very challenging project between the topography and “other government fun”. We did Moody Gardens on Sunday and had a blast. It was windy and that makes all the difference on that course. Our planned Sunday round at Memorial got rained out.
  3. Eagle Pointe has terribly boring, flat, uninteresting greens. The routing is fine, but the greens will keep it off any list with GCA nerds, and it has maybe the worst hole in Texas in 16. I won’t make the trek back, ever, unless the renovate like they’ve been talking about for years I really like the front on Blackhorse North and the back on the South. Don’t much care for the back of the North much. It’s a public course list, not a value list. There is also a best overall list, which is mostly private. Whispering Pines is 1, Dallas National is 2, Houston Oaks is 3. HMR is great. Pine Dunes is even better. The other three I have not done.
  4. Factor in helicopter rentals to get there and back.
  5. Late to the thread. Out of your list, Summit Rock is my favorite. It’s great and probably my favorite Jack course in the state. Cordillera is very good too. Another Jack track. Boot Ranch would be my pick for awesome every day course and general vibe. The big putting green is ridiculous. Escondido is probably the best conditioned course in TX day in and out, and is a very good Fazio.
  6. Walden is fun occasionally but it’s too penal to do all the time. It will kill your inner child. I was a member there for years. I don’t miss it. It’s fun playing places that don’t screw you for missing a target by 10 feet. In other news, here’s the latest DMN top 50 public list in TX. https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/golf/2021/05/08/the-top-50-texas-golf-courses-open-to-the-public-ranked-2021/ 10. Memorial 23. GCOH Tournament 25. Cypresswood Tradition 30. The Wilderness 36. Gus Wortham 43. High Meadow Ranch 44. Panther Trail 49. Blackhorse North
  7. Bestgrips are the best. I have grips that are 4 years old, still going strong. Can’t count the number of clubs they’ve been on at this point. I install them with just painters tape and air. No solvents or contact cement. 50psi of air and they slide on great. Bestgrips are hand-stitched in Conroe, TX and you can talk to the owner anytime. As stated earlier, the Sewill clan are great folks and customer service is stellar. He also makes the nicest custom head covers I’ve ever used.
  8. Been playing MP20 MMC with C-taper lite a year now. Started out with 4-5 HMB, and never got along with them off firm fairways. They are cannons off the tee. Replaced them with MMC and they’re awesome. Love them.
  9. I had the HMB in the 4-5 and despised them off the turf. Swapped them to MMC like the rest of my set, much happier.
  10. I just cracked my original GBB Epic on Sunday. I’m pretty gutted about it.
  11. Mizuno CLK is pretty dope.
  12. Every time I think about trying the 12 Speed, I scratch my head at the pricing. I'll just keep buying the Tour B X for $5-10 more....
  13. kgk

    MP 20 MMC..wow!

    MMC up 6 and 4-5 HMB with C-Taper here. Love them all the way around. The HMBs are perfect in the long irons, launch high and boogie.
  14. I don't think the HMBs are much more forgiving than the T-MBs, if at all. They do "feel" better to me as well as look better. I play the HMB 4-5 in combo with MP20 MMCs and they're SWEET at that job. Launch high for long irons, look good, feel good... just wonderful. No input on P790s, sorry I can't help there.
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