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  1. Every time I think about trying the 12 Speed, I scratch my head at the pricing. I'll just keep buying the Tour B X for $5-10 more....
  2. kgk

    MP 20 MMC..wow!

    MMC up 6 and 4-5 HMB with C-Taper here. Love them all the way around. The HMBs are perfect in the long irons, launch high and boogie.
  3. I don't think the HMBs are much more forgiving than the T-MBs, if at all. They do "feel" better to me as well as look better. I play the HMB 4-5 in combo with MP20 MMCs and they're SWEET at that job. Launch high for long irons, look good, feel good... just wonderful. No input on P790s, sorry I can't help there.
  4. Bestgrips. I personally like the Classics but seems most prefer the tackiness of the Microperf.https://bestgrips.com/
  5. My second visit to Sweetens Cove, their portapotty shitter was full & hadn't been emptied in a long time. It was hot, and the stuff had been stewing... I opened the door and immediately puked in my mouth. It was the most disgusting and awful experience of my life. That shitter is in the Golf Club version of the course, too, oddly enough. Friends still make fun of me about it. God that was terrible.
  6. I'm playing more golf now than ever. I feel just as safe on a golf course as I do anywhere else - safer than walking down the packed sidewalks in my area. I play with people I know and trust, and we're not kissing each other much these days either.
  7. The trick is to be independently wealthy, or have a job where you can just skip out to play. Playing more than once a week in a world where you have to keep a 9-5 with kids is tough.
  8. I got the set yesterday & played 18. They blend well & the HMB launch perfectly. I'm tickled pink.
  9. I did the fitting on a grass range. I’ll never do another indoor off a mat iron or wedge fitting. Drivers, fine.... MMC sole was demonstrably better for me than the blades. Blades were sweet but dug when I got steep... as most do.
  10. I just ordered a set of 6-P MMC and 4-5 HMBs. I wanted the extra height on the longer irons. Like others, the fitting cart only had 7 irons, so time will tell if I made the correct choice. But I've got to say, the MMC are incredible performers. I'm coming from a set of i210's and the feel is just... wow.
  11. I've never had good outcomes with indoor fittings. I'm a hard pass on it anymore.
  12. I miss the 2015 Pro V1x. That's my favorite ball of all time.
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