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  1. JPX 900 Forged Irons consisting of 5 iron through Pitching Wedge XP 105 Reg. Flex Shafts New Golf Pride Grips Standard LLL Set has seen very little use, Mint Condition $425.00 Shipped CONUS
  2. Totally understandable, that being said I did get this shaft because I'm kind of in between reg/stiff; these shafts seem pretty firm. Once I got irons they are just a little to intimating for me. Perfect for a casual round but in tournament play they would scare me. I'm used to playing H4 irons and the 747V certainly aren't blades they are mid to small profile iron. Swing slower and buy these suckers-haha.
  3. Heads/Grips Sealed In The Original Factory Plastic-Brand NewNS Pro Modus Tour 105 - Regular flex Steel ShaftsHonma Factory GripsStandard LLL$529.00 Shipped CONUS
  4. New-Mizuno MP-20 HMB iron set.Set includes 5 iron through pitching wedge.Nippon NS PRO 950 Stiff Flex shafts plus 1/4 inch. These are 98 gram mid-high launch, awesome feeling shafts.MMC white/black grips.Standard loft/lie angles.The pitching wedge and 8 iron have hit less than 10 shots each, very hard to see any usage, 9.9/10 condition. The rest of the set 10/10 condition.These were ordered directly through my local Mizuno rep. Price: $889.00 Shipped CONUS.
  5. New Mizuno JPX 919 Tours, 4 iron through PW. Modus3 120 Stiff Shafts All irons except 8 iron still have the factory plastic on the heads- brand new. 8 iron has hit less than 20 golf balls, 9.99 condition, last picture is this iron. Nippon 120 Modus3 stiff flex shafts. Golf Pride Grips Standard: Length, Lie and Lofts $750.00 Shipped Lower 48.
  6. Right-Handed Mizuno MP-54 5-PW Iron Set 5i, 6i, 7i, 9i, Pitching Wedge New in plastic. 8i has been hit a couple of times with tape on head, hard to see any usage-9.9 condition, please look at pictures. Project X 5.5 flex Steel shafts Golf Pride Mizuno grips Std Specs PRICE DROP $350 Shipped Lower 48
  7. I've played the i15 for a full year now, probably at least 70 rounds. Have tried to find something better and cannot. Not sure why I've been trying; not fond of there looks, need to get over that . Just bought a set of JPX 800 NON-PRO and really want to make them work but so far the i15's are way more forgiving for my swing. I know most people wound disagree with this statement but for me I need a medium sole width with low bounce, so the game improvement irons so far have not worked. I play between a 7-10 cap and my iron play is my strong suit. So my point is there is a lot to the golf swing
  8. What's the diff?? ThanksBall flight, Feel, etc.??
  9. First driver purchase for a couple years, been using a R9 stock shaft. Have only played 18 holes with TL 310, but way better fit for me. I can tell really quickly with a driver if it's going to work and this one is a keeper. Not that I'm one to say and be able to work their driver, but this one is more responsive to small swing changes. Distance and feel for me is great, ebayed for under $100 in mint shape, no brainer.
  10. If you like the look of the i15's or don't care about that, they are a really nice blended set. They have been in my bag for a year and that's a long time for me, and I can't stand the way they look.
  11. Bought my set early spring, red dot, kbs reg. Love everything about them except the looks. Long irons have so much offset for the size of the head, looks weird to me. But they are working great, I should stop looking and be content. Knowing me I'll keep looking.
  12. I would like to know this also. I can tell you the i15's for me are special. Best set I've owned, and I've bought and sold a LOT of sets. The pings sure don't appeal to my eye so that is why I keep trying to find a set that performs as well and looks better to me. The offset in the long irons is what turns me off, but man they work. I've got KBS shafts, in the pings and its a great combo, You can get the a12's with the KBS shafts and they look great to me,would like to hear how they compare.
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