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  1. Is that an assumption or you know? Are we talking about this year?
  2. So the MMT's seem only to be available in TX flex. I'm at 85-88mph on a 7 iron - I suppose I could soft-step them twice and i play 1/2" long anyways? I tried Recoil's a while ago (not the 125's) and did not like the feel. Besides the weight, I'm primarily interested in "replicating" the profile as much as I can. I don't mind going a little lighter.
  3. Have been having a bunch of elbow and shoulder issues lately and I’m looking got a graphite alternative to the KBS Tour 130X shafts that I’m currently gaming. Love the shafts and how easy they are to load. What graphite shaft would be closest to these? thanks!
  4. Two items today that I need gone quickly so priced accordingly. Will ship out within 24 hours of receiving payment. Prices include shipping Callaway Apex '19 Pro Combo 4-GW (8 clubs) with Modus 130S (hs 1x) shafts, 1/2" long, 2* up - played about 15 rounds and some range time. All clubs in very good condition - $650 OBO Flightscope Mevo - Used three times so practically new. Comes with original package and dots - $sold OBO
  5. I'll send you guys a fitting video to get new specs. Very happy to try it again!
  6. I used the DF 2.1 for about 6 months. The results were great - especially on putts of 20 feet and in it was really the best putter i've ever used. I did have some issues on long putts where I consistently struggled with distance control. I think this was based on the lack of feel/response of the putter - ultimately feel is the reason i stopped using it. If LAB can figure out how to make the head feel - AND SOUND - better, I'll be buying again. I didn't mind the look - don't get me wrong, not a pretty putter, but happy to put up with it if the results are there. But the
  7. TrueSpec uses Quintic in most locations. Club Champion uses Puttlab. Based on what you are describing, Puttlab is going to be just fine.
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