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  1. Look at your posts in the i59 thread. You are shitposting, but tell yourself whatever you need to tell yourself.
  2. Dude, don't feed this troll. Literally every thread he's in, he's shitposting
  3. Sad that Louis, Tony, Hovland and English are all stuck with a bad equipment company, wasting their talent...they only won $23,296,029 in the 2021 season.
  4. Some 8 iron comparisons. Difference besides sole taper is actually smaller than I thought between i210 and i59
  5. GCQuad or Uneekor are your best bets. The GCQuad has the advantage that you can take it easily outside as well, even on the course if you wanted to. However, that's going to stretch your $25k setup and you'd probably end up closer to $30k all-in
  6. If anyone needs an invite code, I'm happy to let go of mine for the reservation fee.
  7. I’d definitely give the X a shot based on what you wrote
  8. I'm sure you could. I think the question is, if your goal is forgiveness and launch - why not go Ping G425Max/SFT. Just design wise, the ST-G will never be as forgiving as those of a Ping or Cleveland XL or even a TSi2. If you are 225 off the tee, my worry with the ST-G would be spin consistency - you don't want to have a few over-performance only to then see 5 fall out of the sky
  9. Thanks this is super helpful. You would say that the Recoil 110 Proto spin and launch more than a MMT 105?
  10. Selling a few nice items today. Callaway Apex TCB RAW Heads 4-PW - Asking $SOLD Super rare raw-finish, same heads as Xander Schauffele Played for 4 rounds and a few range sessions, great condition Fujikura Ventus Blue 6S Velocore w. Titleist Tip - Asking $SOLD 44.5" (playing 45.5") Not tipped Mitsubishi Tensei 1K 50S w. Titleist Tip - Asking $235 shipped 43.75" (playing 44.75") Not tipped Graphite Design AD-IZ 6S w. Titleist Tip - Asking $SOLD 44.25" (playing 45.25") Not tipped Graphite Design AD-IZ 7S w. Titleist Tip - Asking $180 shipped Played in 3 wood, 42.25", playing 43.25" Not tipped Graphite Design AD-DI 6S w. Titleist Tip - Asking $SOLD 44.25" (playing 45.25") Not tipped Autoflex 505X w. Titleist Tip - Asking $535 shipped 43.75" (playing 44.75") True Temper AMT Black 4-PW Shafts - Asking $SOLD Standard Titleist length Never hit a ball, straight pulls True Temper Tour Issue S400 4-PW Shafts - Asking $SOLD Standard Titleist length Straight pulls Trade interests:
  11. What’s the turn around time usually from Ping on lie adjustments?
  12. m_w

    TC-201 vs ZX7

    You will enjoy the TC201 a lot more than the ZX7 as a shallow swinger, especially if you are less than 3 down
  13. There are a bunch of threads on this. Might want to use search
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