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  1. Will these automatically make you hit center all the time? what a beautiful set
  2. I would be mega surprised. My guy at Ping usually knows what’s up so unless half the company is on a different timeline or stuff changed A LOT in the last 30 days, not sure how that would be possible.
  3. I210's are NOT getting replaced THIS year.
  4. my guy said that the i59 is no direct replacement for any one club but iBlade and Blueprint will not have direct successors, i210 will (not this year). Take that for what it's worth.
  5. I believe "inspired" by iBlade, i210 & Blueprint would be a good description
  6. Arizona news: 3-6 injection, 7-PW plug Hydro 3.0 finish, 8620, new groove design 1599 4-pw
  7. Exactly that. It's a weight, nothing more. The Cally rep described it to me as "X-Forged CB and MB having a baby"
  8. Water and maintenance is a huge cost for courses obviously. It's a little more nuanced than "hit ball off grass" as you probably know. The cost of water especially has been rising significantly in the past 15 years. I personally gladly pay $70 or $90 for a well maintained course. My issue is with rip offs where you pay $80 for a course that sees a greenkeeper and a sprinkler twice a week.
  9. Thanks. I expected them to be more forgiving; that's a good note, thank you!
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