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  1. Unfortunately have to offload some brand new and/or mint equipment i recently purchased due to a recent job loss. All prices are shipped. No trades for obvious reasons. You will find the pictures below. 1) Custom Scotty Cameron Newport Special Select - $529 - Finished by 847 Customs - drippy combo of brushed, torched and satin finishes. BGT Tour Stability Shaft and Superstroke Pistol Tour Traxion grip. Head weight is 350g, 34.5 inches and includes the original shaft and grip. Also original special select headcover. This putter is mint with essentially no signs of wear. Incl headcov
  2. Looking for a relatively mint set of T100 or T100S. No preference on black/chrome. Shafts Modus 120 or 125 in S flex, or soft-stepped X . Has to be 1/2” (38 6 iron) long. Ideally 2 or 3 degrees up but that’s optional. Midsized grips a plus.
  3. Embargo is mid-October based on what I was told. TPI starts to fit there first week of October.
  4. Apologies for introducing a non-Japanese iron here but I was hoping that some of you might have played or tested both, the Miura TC-201 and the Titleist T100 or T100S. My decision is kind of between those two but I don't have an opportunity to currently hit them side-by-side. thanks for your input!
  5. While booking a fitting at the TPI, this line made me curious if anyone knows anything yet: TS5, 6, 7 ?
  6. You'll have to change the adapter on the shaft. This can be done by any local club builder. You might need to supply the adapter, especially for PXG which doesn't have as wide a distribution as some of the main brands like Titleist, Callaway etc.. you can find them on Ebay for like $20 a pop.
  7. Angeles National. Tee off before 8:00 AM, course gets baked
  8. Hey there, I've been thinking of giving armlock a try but want to get a model that matches my current putter specs, 73 lie and 1.5* loft. Wondering how to convert lie angle and loft of a regular putter to an armlock model. Can anyone help? thanks
  9. PXG Operator Gen2 with Stability Shaft - Literally point and shoot Directed Force Reno 2.1 - Stupid easy to square up. Probably technically the best putter but the look... Odyssey 2-Ball White Hot - Started it all for me
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