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  1. I believe it was $49 per month for personal use with some limitations on data access.
  2. Quick sale before going on vacation, priced to move quickly. Pictures below 1) Titleist T100 5-PW, 4i T200, 50* head only 4, 5, 6 Iron MMT 95 Stiff 7, 8, 9, PW MMT 105 Stiff 50* head only + 1/2", 1* Up BB&F Co Ferrules Asking: $SOLD Shipped 2) Cobra RadSpeed XB 10.5* w. Fujikura Motore-X F3 6S Standard Length Great condition, clean Asking $SOLD 3) Flightscope Mevo Plus Comes in original packaging Used for 5 range sessions All accessories come with it; untouched Asking: $SOLD
  3. m_w

    Min Woo Lee

    He definitely did not play a Max LS at the Scottish Open...
  4. Does anyone have any details on his equipment? Pretty sure he played the TCB's after switching away from the X-Forged but curious about his driver specs etc.. Maybe @Callaway Golf Official or @JohnnyCallaway can provide some more detailed specs?
  5. Still looking for a GC Quad or Trackman 4, ideally located in SoCal but shipping also of interested if reputable.
  6. Softer feel, for me, more forgiving on toe strikes. JPX Tours felt and acted very much like a blade, this acts more like a CB.
  7. This is 2021 TP5x. Feel is much better than 2019 for me. Different ball entirely
  8. I played the TP5x and the Chrome Soft X LS today. Driver SS is 104-108, 6 iron around 90-92 CSX:LS seemed "hotter" off the driver, on similar strikes, LS had 5-6 yards on the TP5x TP5x feels MILES better of the putter. The CSX:LS basically disqualified itself because i've never heard a louder CLICK ever. Spin around greens for me was bascially the same CSX:LS seems to launch lower overall - both driver, irons and wedges TP5x cover doesn't seem to be super sturdy. After 4 holes and 5 wedge shots, cover had clear scuffing on the outside. OK to still play but def. vi
  9. I got to try the new RPG 462 - It has a really smooth feel to it even thou the shaft is very stout - while I didnt get the most out of it (my SS is 102-108, probably too stiff for me) it almost had "selfcorrecting" properties for me LOL. Literally some of the worst swings i've put on the ball still ended up in the fairway. That paint scheme is sick as well.
  10. Maybe you actually don’t have $500 for a shaft around? I can totally understand that. Not everyone is able to pay $1200 for a driver. Are you suggesting they just shouldn’t get fit? If there an error at all it’s to not discuss your budget with your fitter ahead of getting fit
  11. Tensei Pro Blue is probably something you can pickup for sub $200 at this point - felt similar to me, slightly less stable tip if my memory serves me right
  12. Looking to purchase a used GC Quad or Trackman 4. Ideally locally in SoCal but open to either travel a bit or shipping if seller is reputable.
  13. Call PXG or send an email to Bob - he reads them. They will make it right 100%. This sounds like an AWEFUL experience - you gonna get a better fitting at freakin Roger Dunn.
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