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  1. me too. Very much like them and I too think they are worth the money! Still doesnt make them cheap.
  2. I don’t understand what’s going on in this thread. I’m simply stating they are expensive. Why would I compare them to shafts I’ve never played and haven’t purchased?
  3. We are talking about iron shafts but ok
  4. I'm not saying they aren't worth the money. I'm simply saying that it's aggressive pricing for a company that is trying to break into the market. AFAIK, Mitsubishi makes all of their high-end stuff in their factory in Japan. I really liked my experience with them - quick and insightful responses.
  5. 1. City, State? Santa Clarita, CA 2. Handicap? 10 3. What is your current putter? SIK Armlock BAD1 & Bettinardi QB6 4. Have you ever used a L.A.B. Golf putter? Yes, DF 2.1 5. Why do you want to review the MEAZZ.1 putter? I loved my DF 2.1 but I couldn't get myself to agree with the look and feel in the long run. This looks like right up my alley. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes I do
  6. How do you arrive at that statement given the price tag? Honestly curious.
  7. If money is less of a consideration, XXIO stuff just works and is specifically built for the slower swinger that requires lighter weight. Really good shafts as standard as well. Alternatively, TSi1 is a good choice as well. At 80 mph speed, I would very much stay away from the "normal" heads as they will be heavy on average.
  8. Played a round with them today. I'll reserve judgement until I have had more time with them but the initial impression is very positive. They remind me a little bit of a KBS Tour in regards to profile - very easy to hit a shape with them. Feel-wise, they are unique. I've played MMT's, Fujikura Pro TS, KBS TGI, Steelfibers and a bunch of steel shafts and I'll say, these are the smoothest out of all of them. Just great feeling all-around. High spin, mid-high launch. I would wish two things: Xcaliber needs to hire competent consumer marketing folks and change their branding if they are to be successful in the long run (just my opinion ofc) and I think for a shaft produced in China (doesn't mean its bad) the price is very steep and puts it out of a lot of folks reach ($60 a pop gets close to the most expensive stuff out there).
  9. I have 18 holes and two range sessions in. They are easier to hit than blades - or rather, they offer leniency on slight misses. However, if you compare them to a G425 or i210, they are harder to hit and have less room for error. I would very much compare them to a T100 with slightly more forgiveness on thin strikes. I’m going i210 in 5, 6, and i59 7-pw
  10. Pretty sure he meant to write “they should last me at least 6 month”
  11. i dunno, when I spend money on clubs, I want to look at those gorgeous heads. It’s like you are dating Kate Upton and making her wear a bag over her head.
  12. Just got the first swings in with the RT95s - I think they are my favorite feeling shafts. Unbelievably smooth. In a way, they actually remind me of the feeling of a AD-DI. You can feel the load and the unloading really well. My 7 iron swing speed is 86 as a reference. I'll get the Quad out in the next few days and post some numbers
  13. If it makes you happy it’s worth any price tag.
  14. Awesome thread! This is why i love GolfWRX, people sharing experiences!
  15. This again reminds me how an individual in the public eye can ruin his/her entire reputation with a single mistake. I wonder how he's thinking about this instance today
  16. I just bought a set of RT 95's and will report back once installed. They all seem to be individually frequency measured and matched (at least based on the numbers on the shafts)
  17. Look at your posts in the i59 thread. You are shitposting, but tell yourself whatever you need to tell yourself.
  18. Dude, don't feed this troll. Literally every thread he's in, he's shitposting
  19. Sad that Louis, Tony, Hovland and English are all stuck with a bad equipment company, wasting their talent...they only won $23,296,029 in the 2021 season.
  20. Some 8 iron comparisons. Difference besides sole taper is actually smaller than I thought between i210 and i59
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