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  1. Did you switch to the same weight MMT or did you go lighter?
  2. I tried the dampening inserts in my x100's and it helped slightly. But, I played twice last weekend and my joints just felt horrible. I hit the ball great but I just cannot feel like that after a couple of rounds. I am currently testing out a MMT 125TX shaft in the 0211ST 7 iron and that combination is great. Nice high ball flight and all the control I want and need. I will continue to test this combination out to see if the MMT's will help with my joints. Old Joints just cannot handle the X100's.
  3. That is awesome and congrats on the new sticks. You will not be disappointed. Great clubs! Please keep us updated on your journey!
  4. The only thing to really consider is the related to swing weight. The Gen 3 T i am using the Modus 115 Limited Edition and they work perfectly with the head weight of the T irons. I tried a 118-120 weighted shaft in the ST and it was not a good fit at all. Dispersion and distance was all over the map. I have not used a 125-130 gram shaft in a very long time but when i tried the X100 shaft - it was pure magic. Just wanted you to be aware as others have mentioned in this thread about swing weighting of matching up the right shaft to the ST's. Once you find that secret sau
  5. I was playing the Gen 3 T irons all last year and beginning of this year. I am now switched over to the 0211 ST from 5-GW (4 iron remains Gen3 T). I will say the forgiveness will go to the 0311 T but that is minimal at best. Where the 0211ST shines above and beyond the T irons is distance dispersion and control. They are slighter shorter distance from the T but again minimal. The 0211 ST is a very consistent iron from a distance and trajectory perspective but can be adjusted depending on the shot needed much easier than the T iron. The T iron to me is more of a grip and rip type i
  6. Sweet - I will be trying this out in the very near future. I left DG shaft world several years ago and after playing them for the last 50+ holes I came to realize just how much I missed them. Granted, I absolutely love the Modus 115x shafts but they will remain in my Gen 3 heads and I will have the x100's in the 0211ST model. That would be the perfect scenario. Thanks again!
  7. No, I have not. But now I will have to look around for this option. Thank you very much!! Is there a specific type I should be looking for or are they all the same?
  8. I am currently playing the Gen 3 0311 T irons; 4-GW along with Forged wedges with the Modus 115 x limited edition shafts. Since our club is used for PXG fittings and the new fitter for my area is one of our ex pro's from our club it is easy to get a appt and hit some balls with someone very familiar with me and my swing. I really like the GEN 3 irons and the only real concern I ever had with them are some of the more feel related shots that I just had problems executing each and every time consistently. Not sure why but I just felt the Gen 3 were great irons for full shots.
  9. I was fit with CC several times and in all instances - i asked for my shafts back on my irons since I was going to use the heads but not the shafts. In both instances, when my clubs were ready I had the shafts and the new clubs built and ready to roll. I am willing to bet if you buy the irons and different shafts and if you ask your fitter for the shafts you will get them once the clubs are completed and returned.
  10. When i use the lighter shafts my shot dispersion is left and right and is very inconsistent. When i use the 115-120 range my shots are controlled and consistent. Regarding the Modus 115 and launch conditions - I play a lot of different shots that are controlled but I will say if i need to just swing at one - the trajectory is very comparable across the bag. I usually never swing my 8-PW very hard but controlled flighted shots. I never went to a simulator after my fitting and i cannot recall my numbers but that peak height thing did not jump out at us when i was testing th
  11. I have been using the Modus 115x for several months now that includes a lot of rounds with them. They are still outstanding for me - much better results than what I was getting with the 105x. I have been installed in my PXG Gen 3 T irons and the feel is exceptional - my elbow pain has been reduced and just love the feel on all shots with these. I hate to talk about feel since it is very subjective but they are very similar to the 105 or 125 weighted modus. I never got along with the modus 120's and this shaft does not give me that same feel during the swing. Different prof
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