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  1. When I read this title - i immediately thought of two: Mizuno MP32 Bridgestone J15CB
  2. PXG Mini Gunboat I like the soft feeling putter that helps me with speed controls. Aid in Slight mishits would be good 11 Yes I will write an honest review on the cleveland website thanks for the great opportunity!
  3. A new app would be great plus ability to sort the classifieds by equipment type
  4. It appears to be a lot faster but more importantly - The one thing that you guys nailed is you followed the KISS method - simple and clean look! Great Job!
  5. Jason Days first major and when Jason bombed it past Jordan and their interaction when they seen the distance between the two. Classic!
  6. My yearly garage clean out has started - I just want to make room in my garage for more stuff later. I will say that I take very good care of my golf equipment and the pictures below will reflect that. Purchase with confidence! No trades at this time since I am trying to unload. I will be more than happy to listen to offers but I will politely ignore low ball offers. I will however do bundled discounts if that is of interest. Will be happy to send more photos if requested. I believe I priced everything at a reasonable starting price but please let me know if I am way off on
  7. MPG

    please lock

    I have played the '17 P790 for a full season and really like them; forgiving and long. The irons are point and shoot irons but I felt like I lost some shot making abilities with them. Definitely was not the clubs fault but i believe it was just me trying to make it work vs. just playing the shot. Either way, I ended up getting a used set of MP20 MCC that gave me similar distance but lacked some forgiveness but allowed me to control shots with more confidence. I have tried PXG Gen 1 and did not feel they were any better than anything else out there. Now, I was really intrigued for th
  8. I have been looking for 25 weights for my tour issued SB+ but since my is a squareback it will not work. Dang it!! Are you sure they will not work?
  9. > @balls_deep said: > > @RobYakes said: > > It's the speed slot. My P790 8-iron plays as my stock 140-145 club. But if I go after a 7-iron, I've had shots carry 165 easy. You can feel the difference too, as the P790 8-iron feels more like a standard cavity back than the 7- through 4-irons. Just something I have to factor in. Biggest change for me was getting used to the low spin throughout the set. Had to get a lot steeper with my iron swing to get the ball to check on greens like my Mizunos did. Made me a better iron player though. > > > "Fit the clubs to the p
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