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  1. Is that just an asthetic issue on the M5 3 wood?
  2. Well, good for your pro. i didnt ask if your pro can do this. besides, okay brag about your pro, can you do that? a simple yes/no answer to the question was all im looking for. whats with hostile people on this website as if golf only belongs to people who have "pros" or people who blame their swing and not the shaft. it was a simple question brah, no need to mock me. to the others with good input, thanks
  3. lately, ive been golfing for almost a year and i hit a regular flex ,my drives have been going straight but to the right. I demoed some other drivers ( ping g10 and TM tour burner) and they were going more towards my target. do i need a stiffer shaft?
  4. any?what are some signs that driver flex is too flexible for someones swing as far as ball flight?
  5. great count me in...ive bought most of my clubs from morton golf at haggin oaks....i love that place!
  6. will it ruin my putter?i know from previous posts that shortening the shaft of a putter ruins the balance. However, i was wondering if that is the same case with the tri ball SRT putter. any insight would be greatly helpful. Thanks in advance. P.S. please dont flame me for having a tri ball, it was a gift
  7. i enjoyed the episode....why all the hate against daly? im not necessarily a fan of his, but i sure am no hater.
  8. $1000 says she beats you
  9. haggin oaks (morton golf sales) is a great place. i help with a jr high golf team and that is where we practice. They have the greatest pro shop i have ever been to.
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