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  1. Thank you. I like the idea of clean blades with a Jordan logo. You couldn't sell them but, you would have the only Jordan blades in existence.
  2. Another wedge etch.
  3. Thank you very much. I am mid process on the next video. I have a odyssey white hot face removed and copper in transit. That should be out in around a week. If you ever have questions or video suggestions, please, let me know.
  4. I've seen video's where people use clay or similar to hold it.
  5. I'm sure they will have some kind of vice you could use. Post a picture when it gets done.
  6. thank you. I wanted to get some minimal engraving so I could add paint fill and I didn't have an extra 10k sitting around for a laser engraver. this is a cool way to engrave for maybe $30 in supplies. The only trick here is getting the vinyl template. Etsy is a good source for that though. I will do another one of these soon.
  7. I would worry about the chemicals used to strip paint effecting the actual graphite and compound used. I think your best bet would be to sand it down(not all the way through) and paint over it. found this old thread. It looks like auto paint and you want a really fine coat so you don't add too much weight. Spray Painting a Shaft??? - WRX Club Techs - GolfWRX
  8. I don't do this professionally, just for friends and as a hobby during the winter. The work reflects that and makes the clubs personalized to myself.
  9. two of my favorites Electro etching designs Basic refinishing video
  10. I just did a new video on Youtube. It is a very easy face reconditioning video to get wedges ready for the season. If it interests you, watch , like, comment. I am looking for new ideas on videos. I want to start another thread with ideas on designs to etch in another wedge or two. My Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_BG_7YHAl7iMg-fCuAuWEw Latest video
  11. those are in solid shape, especially the face. You can find threads on here where people desperately try and rust wedges. the only issue you will find is maintaining the different textures(polished and satin).
  12. Tigernick does this as part of his melonite refinish. Reasonable prices also
  13. I will say probably 10 or more really good public courses, another dozen or more that are worth playing. some very high end private courses and some solid middle level private courses. Vegas is a solid golf destination and you have another 5 good courses in Mesquite (50) minutes away and another 5 or so in St George (1.5 hours away)
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