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  1. Wait....you're saying that Rick Sheils can actually influence golf club sales? That's hilarious. You know who influences my club purchases? Nobody but me.
  2. Zinger's reply: https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2020/09/20/paul-azinger-steroids-remark-bryson-dechambeau/
  3. I've never done this but one day I will... and perhaps you will too. One late weekday afternoon, head out to your local course and hit your driver where called for. Regardless of where the ball lands, go pick it up and walk over to a spot perhaps 250 yards off the tee... where your average "good" drive might land. Not too long, not too short. Now play the rest of the hole from there and see what you shoot for the round. Remember, you're experiencing no lost balls, no chip-outs, no shots from short or long rough. I'll maintain that, virtually regardless of your skill level, you're going t
  4. My guess is that virtually everyone who dropped hundreds on a driver this year went to the range or the cage with a launch monitor and saw an increase in distance, accuracy or both. THAT'S why they sprung for a new driver.... it was worth spending $400 or more. Now, in answer to the L.A.B. guy who spoke of a technical advancement, please know that I very much DO appreciate the concept of a physics leap in putter design. I've been curious about the Axis1 for quite a while now but I have yet to see one in a shop in order to roll a few putts and then make the jump. Most will agree that orderi
  5. For many of us, the bag just doesn't change that much. Sure, if you spend hours here at Golfwrx you would think that every golfer swaps out his entire bag every week or so but that's simply not true. I played the same driver for at least 10 years and my irons have been in the bag for at least 15 years. And yes: we all know that the putter is the most important/most used club in the bag but you're missing the point. Who -- out of sheer curiosity -- wants to shell out $450 for a nice new putter that MAY OR MAY NOT WORK? Sure, I have the cash to toss at a new Axis1 but unless I'm confident t
  6. I'm no physicist but to my way of thinking there are a number of factors that contribute to a long drive. In no particular order: A solid hit A technically sound golf swing (correct sequence: weight shift, turn, late hit, etc.) A club that fits Fast-twitch muscle fibers Strength Mass Some of these ingredients can be worked on, such as technique and strength. Fast-twitch muscle fibers? Perhaps not so much. Still, speed isn't everything. It was written that a grain of sand traveling at the speed of sound wouldn't even knock a golf ball off a tee -- there's no mass behind the contact. Have
  7. The clicking of spikes on asphalt as you get your clubs out of the car? Nope. The thump of metal spikes as you cross a wooden bridge? Nah. As one who grew up with metal spikes, I can tell you with authority is that the best thing about them is that they were EASY TO CLEAN. Even on a wet day or after a fresh mowing, golf shoes caked with grass could be quickly scraped off with just a single tee. Even better was jamming your foot into the brush attached to the ballwasher on the fourth hole. Compare that to today's soft spikes, spikes that grab grass, grass that gets twisted and knarly, dete
  8. From Golf.com: “I can’t play a blade,” said Na. “It’s too difficult, and I’m a pro golfer. I think a blade goes shorter. Off-center hits aren’t going to perform as well as cavity-backs. I don’t see a reason why you’d want to play a blade. I really don’t. I played blades in my early 20s, maybe one year — when I was dumb. But I’m wiser now and play a cavity-back.” And yet, this website is FILLED with people who continue to insist that "I must play a blade." Now, I'm not criticizing anyone's personal choices. After all, aesthetics -- the way a club looks -- is critical to one's confidence, but
  9. If any of you listened to the interview with Rocco Mediate on a recent "Gear Dive," you heard him discuss why he ordered a set of "Blueprint" irons after explaining why he's ALWAYS been a cavity-back guy. ("Makes the game easier.") He wanted the Blueprint blades only to PRACTICE with...figuring if he can hit those, he can hit anything. He still uses the vastly more forgiving cavity-backs for tournament play. As for myself, because I work on my short game a great deal, I have a set of practice wedges. Seems that I hit so many short shots in practice with my four Ping Gorge wedges that the s
  10. Well, perhaps all our suspicions were true: Holly Sonders’ new boyfriend is gambler Vegas Dave
  11. > @"Big Cat 3" said: > Hey could be worse ... the lead guy is much better than EJ You're speaking of the eminently forgettable Ernie Johnson? Hate his voice, hate him on anything I watch.
  12. ....Not Enough Commercials. Good gosh, this is brutal. As I do with all sporting events, I'm watching on a slightly delayed basis so I can skip the commercials via DVR but THIS IS WEARING ME OUT. Three shots, fast forward. Four shots, fast forward. Two shots, fast forward. Seriously... this event is being overwhelmed by the number of TV ads but I guess that's nothing new; don't we complain about the SAME THING every year? So congratulations to TNT and CBS: yet again you collect the award for Worst Broadcast Of The Year.
  13. > @buckeyefl said: > If you ran the business or collected a check for wearing those clothes you wouldn't think it was lame at all. It makes perfect sense and is a smart move. Maybe head over to the fashion section or your local shop to see just how effective it is and how it drives sales. >> You're making my point, actually. Of COURSE it helps drive sales; that's the objective but _**does that make it right? **_ Is everything** about Selling, Revenue and Branding? Think about it... how pathetic is it that today's college-educated touring pro isn't even ALLOWED to pick his own
  14. I get it: you're a touring professional with a nice clothing endorsement deal but do you have to follow every single marching order? This business of companies (Nike, Puma, Adidas, etc.) annoucing what their pros will be wearing a week in advance is just pathetic. Tiger and Nike have been doing this for years... all in an effort to get gullible wanna-be's to order more merch. (You think TW by himself came up with the idea of wearing all mock-turtles at the Masters? Ha! Blatant cash-grab.) Reasons? 1) Nobody cares 2) Adult males can't pick out a shirt and slacks without help? 3) You r
  15. > @Socrates said: > An extra inch might be important to your wife. Not likely going to help you with your golf. Is that why she keeps telling me to "let out the shaft?"
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