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  1. I hate week one. I mean I like that there were some big matchups but at the same time with no preseason in CFB, did any teams screw themselves over by going big out of the gate? I hate sitting at the end of a game trying to figure out if a team is actually good or bad since there is no body of work yet. Most games weren't even very enjoyable to watch. My Spartans looked decent. Actually scored some points, looks like a QB that is a decent decision maker and a good new running back. But no clue if Northwestern is actually good or bad.
  2. Man I need to spend some time reading up on these chef stories!!! I'm a restaurant industry lifer, although have been in IT and now software side for last 10 years. Do I need to name my golfers or just who I'm copying this week? I kid, I kid, I think green and I read the same article last week..... DJ Justin Thomas Koepka
  3. Nope!!! Nice to see folks getting out. I followed up my single round of 2019 with a goose egg in 2020, never even picked up a club. Hoping 2021 brings the game back to me!
  4. Oh i'll give PGA a whirl, why not? This week I'll go Cantlay, Day, and a flier on Spieth
  5. Wow. That was dominant. MVP needs to be bucs D line. Never seen mahomes run like that. Crazy game.... but a fitting end to the 2020-2021 season as the game had build up and totally sucked.
  6. What is the pick for the superbowl? One pick and guess the score?
  7. Mahomes has cleared protocol!!! It's really tempting to take Tampa Tom and whatever voodoo he's got going on but I think Rodgers and Adams hookup is too great. I'll take Pack-3.5 Oh man, I think with Mahomes KC wins but what if he takes a little knock to the head. I'll take KC/Buffalo OVER 53.5
  8. Ha! I keep empties on the shelf and rotate them out when I buy new ones. That way to my wife’s eye when she walks by my office I’ve always got about the same amount on the shelf. Lol
  9. When my mom got a knee replacement, she got a handicap placard that was good for like 3 or 4 years. It was standard issue from her doc, not sure why. I think she only used it a few times in the beginning of her knee was really sore. Some people just enjoy the “benefits” I guess.
  10. Green Bay -7 Buffalo -3 Cleveland at Kansas City OVER 56 New Orleans -3
  11. Omg. Wtf. What an introduction to legal sports betting in TN. Thankfully I’m cheap. Lol
  12. My additional picks Baltimore/TN Over 55 Cleveland/Pitt Under 46.5 NO -9.5
  13. Buffalo -6 1/2 Tennessee +3.5 Cleveland +4.5 Seattle -4 1/2
  14. Oh well, got 2 picks in maybe I can make up next week.
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