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  1. I have tried others, but always come back to the same thing. Maybe it’s because everything just feels “different” and I blame the bad shots on it. I’ve been in Dynamic Gold S300’s from 2007 and haven’t changed since. Irons to me are so much feel and control, and personally I just like what I like.
  2. I totally get this sentiment. @MtlJeff I would agree with you and say it’s because manufacturers realized the market and could maximize on it. Some people may love their hybrid but there are many rounds I never use it.
  3. Fancy putter headcovers that cost $350. I get it, people have money to blow, but you’re going to lose it on hole 11 and some dude is going to use it for himself.
  4. Should read “this is GolfWRX, sell the SIM2 and get 2 used SIM OG’s” LOL
  5. I have a 3i Utility that I use as a driving iron more than anything else. The lower launch is nice and it will be more difficult to hold a green unless you can get the launch up with one. Check your gapping with the 4 utility iron, you made be surprised that you can add loft (weak 4, potential 5 utility) and get the distance and launch you’re looking for.
  6. I would combo with a 3 hybrid and 4 utility. For most people their issue is launch and carry with long irons, so having the utility in the 4i gives you more loft. The 3 hybrid gives even more help for launch with lower loft. Does that make sense?
  7. Obviously there’s a lot that goes into this, but generally the fairway woods will have longer shafts at the same length. This should make them hit longer, but that’s bit always the case. I know personally that I hit hybrids far greater than my fairway woods. Therefore better contact gets me the same if not more distance. I would expect a 17* hybrid to be near your 5 wood and a 19-21* close to your 7 wood. It all comes down to the resulting numbers that you create with your swing. Play around with them a little and you might be surprised what works best for you.
  8. I’m going to repeat most of the people here, but you’ve lowered your handicap using irons you really like. Irons don’t have a “handicap range”, just like you don’t have to get a Scotty Cameron putter once you become a single digit. I get the “I’m better now, so I can play better irons” thought process. I’ve been there. I know how it can drive you to purchase something new when you didn’t need it. You’ve got great irons in the T200’s and I highly doubt they’re keeping you from scoring better. Keep paying the ones that give you confidence. That’s what’ll make you score better
  9. Oh it’s great to see people actually wanting to help others rather than quickly shoving them off to a simple “go get fit”. “Go get fit” is the eat less, move more of golf equipment.
  10. Titleist the whole way unless the wind is crazy where you live. The decent angle and launch will always be great for holding greens. It’s always easier to flight down a shot than add launch, so I would take the higher launch all day.
  11. What I read here is finding self awareness. We read all the reviews and the marketing materials from all these manufacturers, but no matter how good the club, the self awareness of our game will always be a greater influence than the equipment. Who knows, maybe those blades will make you focus more and you’ll hit better shots. Who knows, but until you allow your mind and body figure it out, you’ll never know.
  12. I totally agree, but some of us haven’t really had that thrill yet....
  13. I can’t add much to this post but saying that I still have the 18* in the bag! I can’t quite beat it out with anything newer (or at least I won’t pay $$$ for them). I would just stockpile those!
  14. Nothing feels better than standing over an iron shot, having full confidence to hit whatever shot your mind drew up. Allowing the imagination to run full, smiling knowing that you can totally pull it off, especially when your friends are there to witness the control.
  15. Played Atlanta National, nice private course here locally. Brought 3 other guys with me, one of them being a “friend” just because I needed a fourth. It was my first Pete Dye experience. Let’s just say the game wasn’t there. At the time I was a 6 handicap, and yeah... I played AWFUL. The issue wasn’t the course. It was the “friend” I brought to play as well. He’s pretty bad and decided that it was great to make fun of me playing bad. The course kicked my tail and my buddy constantly laughing at me didn’t help any... needless to say, he never got the golf invite again.
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