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  1. You could order a new eye 2 gorge from Ping. They still have the heads.
  2. Thinking of having a bounce grind put on my Karsten irons. I like the wide sole on these but sometimes find it difficult to get the ball high enough on the face on firm lies. Thinking the bounce grind will help with that. looking at the specs of the irons they are low bounce in the long irons already in comparison to G25, i25 and s55. Maybe the effective bounce is different. any views helpful.
  3. SP8 was the best shoe. I would say nest looking and most comfortable. I wore the black pair for 4 years before they wore out. I also had the white pair and special edition us open brown pair. They done a special edition for each major of the year.
  4. Does anyone know how to identify the weight of the putter? i have seen some with blank weights that I presume are standard weight and some that have plus on which I take it are the heavy ones. do the light weight ones have minus on them. I’m looking for the light weight version but have never seen one. Seen plenty of standard weight and heavy weight ones though.
  5. The swing weight would go down a bit because I think the rapture was 43.5 inches and a standard Ping 3 wood is 43 inches. Other than that shouldn’t be any issues.
  6. Ping G400 5 wood. Saving the rest of the money for club membership fees when the courses open up again.
  7. My favourite was the G10 Irons. Felt good and had the chunky look that I liked about the G series. Since the G25 the irons haven’t quite had the same look and since the G-series the feel has also gone to something more clangy. I managed to get a new set of Ping Karsten irons a couple of years ago and they have the look of the old G irons and the feel.
  8. I got a new moonlite about a month ago. Haven’t used it yet because it’s very wet. The bag has a new 4 way top but no more structure below that. However it is a very good bag and clubs fit in well. I have 12 in mine but could do 14 no problem. Pockets are nice, one zippered water bottle holder, a range finder mesh pocket, large apparel pocket and mother small one on top of that. Waterproof under belly and 2 straps.
  9. Yes, I bought a mint condition, which is shop wear only and returned it for full refund minus shipping. I didn’t actually hit the club though so it was in the same condition as purchased.
  10. Careful if you ever change the grip on this putter. I re-gripped one for a customer who had a light weight super stroke on it and it wouldn’t stand up.
  11. I got the new 2020 moo lite today and it is a very good bag. The new 4 way top is what made me go for the bag and it makes club management much easier. Also has a mesh range finder holder, water bottle holder and 2 other pockets. The under side of the bag seems very durable and waterproof. It also has 2 full length dividers.
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