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  1. Nope Not his as he lives out of state. But like all old farts.. Hits this damn thing 175 on a rope all day.
  2. Got one, but was tipped excessively. Will need to know measurement to first ring along w total length. Pp is loaded so let me know what you have Russ
  3. And then they all matched... Although these recently came in..
  4. 3 of 4 orders and finally had on that was said sample Thanks for jinxing To me.. Couldn't care less. Had you never pointed it out.. Would have never noticed
  5. I still have 5 or 6 new shirts from a previous 40= off. As I get ready to transition from military, I try and get in on these deals for the afterlife.
  6. 1 delivered other two shipping. Now to prepare my wife fib...
  7. Went back again as the inventories changed slightly. 7 polos and 5 1/4 quarterzips in total Damn you.. But also thanks
  8. So probably wrong forum But ironically this is actually my gamer and backup. Both previous post were spot in. If you can try.. Go and test out. I play the hydroblast and it's more forgiving.. But the huntington feels better (I prefer milled) and is better on lag putts Mmv
  9. At first I was annoyed. Esp about having to link an account AGAIN. But did it anyways, made a sale, and life went on. Was a bit annoyed because under this process it relies one 2 entities vice just PayPal. So seliing over the holidays made the deposit take 5 days. So I get the frustration abt not having funds available immediately But as other have said, if you must have funds to play with, research and open a points earning credit card and use that. Really no difference. The money is there
  10. I have a collection of fubukis, rogue blacks, and tour blues that I'll probably give to my grandkids. Testing out iz and vr for no other reason than I'm bored. Better material? Sure Any better.. Not significantly. Also there was a recent post that the new ascent shaft was simply a repainted fubuki v. Not saying it is or isn't, but a good discussion was had. https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1801235-the-aldila-ascent-is-a-re-painted-mitsubishi-fubuki-v/
  11. Thanks wanted some shirts and almost ordered on rbg last week. Luckily I didn't and got 4 shirts for the price I would have paid for 2
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