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  1. Makes sense why I haven't sound one lol. Thanks!
  2. Haven't needed anything so haven't been paying attention. But kids misplaced my swing weight scale weight and weed to order a new one.
  3. Sign up for their newsletters. They seem to run most in the winter months
  4. Cuz I stink.. No I play it down at 10.5*. But prefer an openish face vice a closed 9*
  5. lol This post is sounding quite similar to the initial Zx7/zx5 spy pics and then you see everyone trying to get them in their bags. I dont get the need to put 'deep' anywhere (esp on a wedge) but as they are Cleveland, forged, and i WAS happy with my current bag... Im sure theyll find their way into my bag
  6. All they sell are uncut shafts and all for under 150.. With less than 200 transactions, I'd be suspicious
  7. Maybe Been playing the 110s for a minute but based off your posts and discussions, went to the 115s and have been grooving like I did 10 years ago
  8. 115s play a bit softer than 110s and 125s. But id email them to confirm
  9. Honestly I never noticed. Literally came in yesterday.
  10. Also been stories of them being dead on spec.. Also for years
  11. I also believe this to be true. Usually immediately grab the matching DI, but just went with the ZX5 4 iron. If i dont like it, Ill just throw my trusty 588 MT back in the bag
  12. Ironically I just came from a 566/765 set. I tend to miss towards the toe so it works out. It's been a minute but the zx frame it better to my eye. Regarding the sole, I seem to get through the ball better with these.. Same shafts same sw l/l
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