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  1. but they would be pured.. lol
  2. Bit late but doing this with a set of 785/u85 for a nice winter project
  3. Any new updates? Had the same 4.5 for like years and in need of an update. Almost must have 14 dividers and like the fact it's a bit smaller. Predominantly ride but looking to stretch the legs a bit more in 22
  4. I think for tinkering, it's tough to beat. But I didn't have the best experience. First my fitter was the previous GG manager so I kinda already knew abt their experience (ignorance is bliss). My wing wasnt great that day, but what really messed me up was how dark it was inside the booth. Sounds odd but it really threw me off. In truth, it was likely 1 of 6 or 7 different things. Playing top golf at night was better lit. Keep in mind as this was the height of covid so unless you had an appt, you weren't allowed in. Needless to say, I cut that short and went to a putter fitting which was fine. The best for me ended up was the the elevado but with their upcharge, it was twice as much. Despite being upfront and saying I was not Going to buy anything, got the hard sale which turned me off. I might go back next fall. In the process of rebuilding my swing and once grooved, would like to go tinker again.. Now knowing what to expect. I just won't buy anything there I enjoyed the putter fitting. And for as important as the club is, I think anyone taking the game serious should get that done. Find one of the 50% fitting and check it out.
  5. Cleaning out some gear Im not using, nor plan to in the future. Not really looking for trades . PP is [email protected] and feel free to ask any questions. All lies/loft are believed to be stock 1) Srixon ZX5 8i head only. Got this to use as a practice club when I had all ZX5, but went a different route $125 2) Srixon ZX7 7i head only. Got this when I was debating where to split my combo. $130 3) TM hydroblast spider. Near new. I have 2 others so no need for a closet queen. Measures about 32.5" but can extend if desired. Currently has 6 gram tm weights but also have 12 gram avail $sold 4) Cleveland RTX Full Face 50* head only. Never used, stuck with the ZX7 AW. $105 5) Srixon Z745 4-pw RAW heads. You know how awesome these are which is why I've been on the fence about selling. I dont play as much as I'd like and committing to tearing apart the swing and starting fresh next year. I do NOT need these laying around reminding me how forgiving they are. $sold thanks Chris
  6. I tried finding one for my lw but wasn't able to locate any avail 8i.. 125 straight in still seems pretty playable
  7. Dang.. Good catch Didn't even notice that
  8. Might wanna snap this, esp at that price https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mitsubishi-Rayon-Fubuki-465-X-pulled-shaft-/324726522867?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0
  9. Exactly my setup Wish all mmt shafts were matte
  10. Long time player of fibers 95, but currently playing mmt 105. Seems to be an improvement so far
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