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  1. Brief update. Got out to the range this morning abt 53* and range balls.. And not the PGA range ball variety. Also working on rebuilding my grip (reverse overlap). The 5s are good. No idea what sound Newton hated, but was no issue to me. There seems to be a bit more offset compared to my 565/765 combo I came from and from memory, they frame the ball a bit better to my eye. As mentioned, the grip and lack of practice meant I wasn't flushing at all. That said, they are really forgiving. Even bad shots went in the area I intended them to. Being honest, at fir
  2. Very stable.... Lol I planned on installing a kbs.. But stumbled into 1 that I couldn't pass on. I Installed it before I really rolled the er5b, but confidence fron inside 10 feet is a new level for me
  3. Actually.. Here is the fully updated bag. As I said, games gotten harder due to Covid, life, and to some degree lousy weather. Will say for the first time, maybe ever.. I'm completely happy with the bag. In fact, the only thing I would consider updating IS the bag. If for no other reason, I've had it a minute. But the kids got me the custom Robert Mark donut cover so probably sticking with it for another season. I will be changing the red out on the irons, wedges, and putter to orange cuz OCD... if anyone knows how to remove the red on the pings.. I'm about to buy a fat sharpie
  4. I turned 41 and life with 3 kids... I just dont have the time to play/practice that i used to. Redid the whole bag for more forgiveness so ZX5, CBx2, and PING g410s. In fact, Ill be testing out a 12* 410 turned down to 11* this weekend.
  5. Nope. Making this game simpler and went with some cbx2s
  6. Awww snap.. Look at what just showed up in Chesapeake, VA Gonna fiber them up tomorrow then range Saturday or Sunday
  7. G410 turned down. Open the face and flat setting.... Winning
  8. Wasn't abt the seller. More abt the US and the issues with mail/delivery.
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