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  1. Actually, when I saw the pics of the new Apex Pro yesterday, I also thought of the TS-1 right away. Weird.
  2. I have never had lead tape come off a club. I have lost other kinds of adhesive weights.
  3. I agree. Hawks View is kind of forgotten but a very fun track.
  4. Posted a pic of the heads before I shafted them. Quoted my post by mistake instead of yours so I thought I'd try this since you were interested.
  5. Not sure if anyone is still interested in seeing the satin-buffed Steelhead XR Pros but I remembered these pics of the heads on my phone from right before I reshafted. I did 5-AW, with the 5 being a regular Steelhead XR (non-pro). That head is near the bottom right hand corner in the pic showing the backs of the heads.
  6. I was camping all weekend, but I'll try to do that this week.
  7. Of the ones mentioned here I have tried the JPX 919 Hot Metal and the Steelhead XR Pro. Ended up liking the Steelheads much better. Shafted them with PX 6.0 and prosoft inserts and find them to be excellent. Of course, I hated the not-so-durable dark finish so I buffed them all to satin.
  8. Could be a tip weight, could be a chunk of epoxy that was inside the shaft and broke loose. Easy fix though--take off the grip and dump it out.
  9. Lol, this is largely true. Accuracy is definitely more of a premium than length. Shots that are skirting the edge do tend to find the woods more often than not. Its as if the edges slope down a bit. I still find it a fun layout though I've had some struggle rounds.
  10. Yeah, that green. If it was playing as firm as you say that must have been fun putting. You also need to watch where you park in the lot, I've seen that roof and lot get peppered more than a few times.
  11. Trout Lake is fun for a group competition. A driveable par 4 to finish brings a lot of possibilities into play.
  12. I go on an 'up north' trip once a year with about a dozen guys and Trout Lake is one of our favorites. Also like Northwood in Rhinelander and St. Germain Golf Club.
  13. Ok, I get that stuff. More of an historical bent. I agree with all that, and aa I said it's a place I love to play. Just seems to have an extra level of respect from some here, and I just wanted to understand it a little more in case I'm not appreciating it as much as I should be.
  14. Being from southwest/central WI I've played a decent number of WI courses but not SV yet and none of the Kohler courses. I have played Lawsonia numerous times and have enjoyed it very much. It's an excellent golf course. That said, what is it that earns it such a reverent perch? I don't say this to downgrade it at all. There are just some courses I've played in WI that I enjoy more. Wild Rock in Lake Delton is one that I'm surprised doesn't get more love.
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