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  1. PXG's are nice clubs no doubt. But honestly, it's still just a nicely designed iron, just like your Apex are. To expect a world of a performance difference btwn the PXG and the Apex is not realistic.
  2. Anything can be restored. It's just a matter of how much weight you're willing to lose.
  3. Hacienda is easily the best out of the 3. The other two clubs should only be considered if it's close to home as convenience and proximity sometimes trumps other factors. Yorba is still much nicer than Alta Vista.
  4. Mizuno's stated length in previous generations were 1/4" shorter than most OEM's. That being said, when you actually measured up a mizuno iron, even though it was stated to be 1/4" shorter, it has been the same as other manufacturers i.e. titleist, tm, etc. Recently, with their newest lines they have changed "their official length" to match every other manufacturers stated length, but that made Mizuno 1/4" longer than most other companies. Yes, it's confusing.
  5. It’s not that simple Bc the lighter shaft can have different weight distribution. And don’t forget, if you’re adding that much weight to the heat, the shaft will play weaker due to the heavy head. Maybe if you can make up the difference by both tip and butt trimming, it’ll play to the correct flex
  6. Mizuno blades, while pretty from the back, are pretty ugly when you set them at address. So much offset and the top line is way thicker than it needs to be.
  7. The story goes that the broken engagement and subsequent lawsuit wasn’t a money grab. Apparently the ex fiancée comes from money. If anything it was the proverbial “Korean cultural saving face” which sounds ridiculous but for rich people in Korea, it’s par for the course.
  8. I check my lofts once a season. as for the clubs needing the most adjustment, it's probably the one you use the most for your practice, especially if you hit off of mats.
  9. this isn't a 2 piece but can't go wrong with the costco ksig 3 piece. at least in my area, they have stacks of them in the stores.
  10. I’m just curious what the factors can be for the flex to be so off. How would a poor build even cause the flex to be that off? What would be the potential factors for this error? Just curious. Not arguing for or against pxg
  11. Best of luck to him. As previously mentioned, he has as good a chance doing it this way than going the college route. That being said, personally, I would have gone 1-2 years for fun....and that way, you can rep your school for the rest of your life. I see Tiger having fun at Stanford basketball games, Rickie with his orange, etc. I always feel kinda bad for Lebron and Kobe for not being able to rep a school and be part of the alumni fraternity.
  12. They may be great, but I am not looking to spend more than $800, which is why I am curious about older models. Thanks for the reply :). Pxg 0311t can be easily had for under $800 if you look around. That being said j40 or j15 from Bridgestone would be good for something more economical
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