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  1. These ones from Eddie Bauer are my go to pants for that situation. In fact I wear these just about anytime I wear pants on the course. Stretchy, very comfortable, breathable, water resistant, and a great price especially on sale. https://www.eddiebauer.com/p/10307903/men's-horizon-guide-five-pocket-pants-straight-fit?sp=1&color=Carbon
  2. These are what I bought for my walking rounds. Very comfortable and a wide toebox. https://www.saucony.com/CA/en_CA/mad-river-tr/39114M.html
  3. I bought a set of these "corona virus" markers in different colors at the start of the pandemic last year. Our golf season was delayed by a month and this pandemic has really changed a lot of things. Gave them to my golf buddies to always remember this year (now two?) and to appreciate the time we have on the golf course and never take it for granted.
  4. Has to be my Ping G LST driver with Tour 65 shaft. Long, forgiving, consistently hitting 80% fairways with it. Just so comfortable hitting it that I don't even have to think about it. Like the other 50+ drivers that have been in my bag it has been up against many drivers looking for incremental improvement and I've finally just stopped looking as nothing has been better.
  5. I'm down to an 8 now (10 at start of year). Previously played a number of other wedges most recently Titleist SM and Nike Engage. Bought the CBX 54 and 58 late last season and they have definitely helped with the handicap. Forgiving, easy to hit from anywhere, good feel. Would recommend.
  6. My buddies and I were just talking about this yesterday. How to mitigate the bomb and gouge style that makes it too easy to hit it long into the rough and wedge it on the green like we saw at Winged Foot. Some of the redesign ideas in this thread could maybe be applied to a "rota" of championship courses where the cost of making the changes would be offset by the course hosting a major championship every 5-7 years, but for your average PGA course where it may be played by you and I, or even for non-PGA courses that want to make some similar changes, we came up with a couple things that wouldn
  7. Looking to upgrade my older 3 wheel cart to something newer. As I only walk about 25% of my rounds, I'm leaning towards one of the the Costco Caddytek ones just because of lower cost, but not sure yet. From reading various reviews I see the high level pros/cons of a 3 wheel being: Pros rolls easiermaneuvers easierCons not as stable on uneven groundPros/cons of 4 wheel: Pros more stableCons rolls a bit harder especially in the roughAnyhow just looking on some thoughts/experience between 3 wheel carts and 4 wheel carts. For those of you who have had both, which type did you like the best an
  8. On vacation for the next couple weeks in Phoenix - staying near Foothills Golf club - not planning to golf at Foothills as have a few other better courses booked. Anyone know if I can just pop over and use their short game practice area for free without booking a round (chipping/putting)? Also can you buy a bucket of balls and use their driving range? If not, anywhere else close by to practice? TIA.
  9. Golfshot - free version does this and more
  10. We usually get a few rounds in while in Phoenix over the Feb. break each year. Usually stay around Chandler and like to stick to reasonably priced courses ( under $100 during prime time morning hours) so the planned rotation this year is likely 3 of the following - Aguila, Legacy, Wigwam Red (going to early hockey game that day), Ocotillo (have played several times and don't mind it for the price). Some people in our group not fond of Southern Dunes so we don't have it on our list. Wondering whether Mountain Brook is good enough to trump one of these other courses and worth the drive? TIA.
  11. We stay at MGM Signature every time we have been there and will continue to do that. I don't think it can be beat for value for your money. Great high quality rooms (they are all suites), very quiet, each tower has it's own pool area, all the towers are completely non-smoking and you don't have to walk through the smokey casino to get to them, concierge and valet service. You have access to the MGM spa as well as their main pool and other facilities. Connects to monorail (about a 5 minute walk) to get up and down the strip a little quicker and easier. , Enclosed walkway to the MGM Grand casin
  12. This! Similar to OP, I have a high 90's swing speed and enjoy the short game. The Elite 50 is my ball of choice - I've played most of the balls mentioned and for me the Elite beats them all - good distance, good short game spin (more than you would think), soft yet still a bit clicky feel. I would recommend giving it a try as probably one the best bang for buck balls.
  13. Will be in Chandler in mid-Feb and planning to play three 18 hole rounds at various other courses. Also looking to play a couple 9 hole early rounds before the family gets active. Was looking at San Marcos and Bear Creek Bear and they look like the best options that area for the 9 hole rounds. Which one do you guys recommend to play? Any better options for early 9 holes? Thanks!
  14. As a visitor from the cold north over the last 5 years I've played a few of these courses. Love Estrella and as mentioned above, the 36 hole deal can't be beat. Thought Quintero was hugely overpriced for what you get. Thought Verrado Founders was pretty good - enjoyed it about the same as Estrella. Hated Copper Canyon - was expecting more based on ratings/comments so was disappointed overall. Good luck and enjoy your trip!
  15. Going to be in Chandler in mid-February with family/friends and have time for 3 rounds. Have golfed in Phoenix the last 6 years around this time, so know about the jacked up rates and quite familiar with all the available courses, read the GolfWRX forums on a regular basis etc. so am really only looking for current thoughts on the following reasonably priced golf courses - there are some high handicappers who want to keep the costs well below $100 if possible. Also we need to be back with the family by early afternoon so any afternoon/twilight deals are off the table. Also, not interested i
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