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  1. Be conscious of your ball position (make sure it doesn't go too far forward in your stance), coming down too steeply and keep your spine angle consistent.
  2. Who would u recommend in the Columbus OH area for Golftec Instruction?
  3. I have the IZ in my driver and 4 wood and the DI in my hybrids. Like the results I am getting with these shafts, never tried the IZ in the hybrid, would like to at some point but for now, I'm liking the results with the DI mid to high flight with my hybrids which is what I am looking for....
  4. I currently have an Austin Toulon Putter that I bought last year, I would like to know where I could purchase a weight kit to bring the swing weight up? Also, do you know what the stock weights weigh that would currently be in the head?
  5. I'm playing the IZ5s in my driver and IZ7s in my Rogue 4 wood 17* which helps get the ball up in the air from the fairway. Def agree with above posts about the loft, had a 15* went to the 17* Play the DI's in my hybrids which are great. IZ hybrid shaft is lower launch from what I have read.
  6. Went for a putter fitting late last year and ended up purchasing the Austin 2020. Love the look and feel of it. I think Callaway/Toulon have a total of 7 models now to choose from.....
  7. Would you say that the S-Grinds in both the Vokey and Jaws match up well in the 50* and 54*? I will be coming from the Vokey SM6's 54 S and 58 M. I use my 50 & 54 for approaches into greens and low flighted chip shots, the M grind I use out of the bunkers and a variety of shots around the greens. Will I get the same versatility with the C grind on the Jaws Wedge as I do with the M grind in the Vokey?
  8. Which Callaway Jaws MD5 grind is closest to the M grind of a Titlest Vokey? The X or W, in a 58* wedge....thanks.
  9. All prices include USPS Priority Mail. No trades please, PayPal preferred. PM with offers/questions. Thanks. 1. GDIZ65s Shaft, tipped 1", plays 44 3/4" in Callaway Driver. Ordered from Callaway directly, I'm playing the IZ55s now. Standard Iomic X-Evolution Red Grip. $220 SOLD 2. Masters Towel, never used. $50
  10. All Prices include Shipping CONUS. PayPal only. PM me with any offers. Thank you. 1. Graphite Design IZ 65s Driver Shaft w/Callaway Adapter. Tipped 1". Plays 44 3/4" in Driver. Std. Iomic X-Evolution Red Grip. Ordered with my Driver this year, I'm playing 55IZs instead. $200 2. Callaway Epic Flash 24* 5 Hybrid w/GDDI 85s shaft. Standard Length (39.5"), std. Golf Pride 360 grip. Head Cover Included. Great Condition, played approx. 10 rounds. $200. SOLD 3. Masters Black Towel, Never Used. Had in my golf study display, now a baby's room. $50
  11. All Prices include USPS Priority Mail CONUS. No trades please. PayPal only. PM with offers, Thank you. 1. Bettinardi Queen B8 34" Standard Lie/Loft. Super Stroke 2.0 Mid Slim CounterCore Grip. Great Condition. Cover Included. Always use putter cover between holes. $300. SOLD 2. Callaway Epic Flash 24* 5 Hybrid w/GDDI 85s Hybrid. Used 10 rounds, ordered directly from Callaway VIP. Like new, Standard length 39.5", standard grip---Golf Pride 360, head cover included. $200. $185. 3. Masters towel never used. $40. $30 4. Graphite Design IZ 65s Driver Shaft w/Callaway Tip. Tipped 1". Plays 44 3/4" in Callaway Driver. Standard Iomic X-Evolution Red Grip. $200. $185.
  12. Ok thanks! Its been over a month and I would like to close this ad and start a new one, how can I do that now? Lock?
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