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  1. Fedex has been disappointing lately. Most of it has to do with their affiliation with USPS delivering stuff for them of the back end. Expecting irons today that I know will not make it due to no recent update. Heck, I can't even get their text updates to work half of the time. UPS has been the only reliable shipping company lately.
  2. Just one item. Nice Ping Vault 2.0 stealth piper putter. 34.5" by my measurement. Has Rosemark grip. No head cover. Can return it for store credit, but hoping to sell for less here for PayPal funds. Only going to keep it up for a couple of days. Looking for $175 shipped CONUS No trades. PM if interested.
  3. So this is what Accept was singing about? I had it all wrong all of these years.
  4. Well, back under the old groove rules, most would have said J33CB's. For more recent/conforming, J40 CB.
  5. Cobra should just dump him. They've done more than enough for the guy. I mean come on, they're the only big OEM doing the single length thing solely because of their relationship with him. I'd rather they just dump him and pursue some of the younger guys. Maybe even try to get a guy like Poulter back into the fold. I still feel weird seeing Poulter in Titleist. Let Bryson become someone else headache.
  6. Just thought I'd share this deal to anyone who builds clubs and is looking for an inexpensive grip. Not much in the way of reviews out there. I took a chance and bought these. Put one on a wedge and hit a bunch of balls in the back yard. (Full swings) The best way I can describe these are as a standard GP tour velvet with a different name on them. These feel exactly like old school Tour velvets to me and I don't really feel like they are reduced taper. At least not as much as GP plus 4's. Anyway, for what they are, the price is amazing. https://www.golfworks.com/grip-one-ever-tac-
  7. This. Any stand bag I've owned including my current SM 5.5LS has elastic stand restraints for this very purpose.
  8. You'd think Top Golf would have better sense to not allow play during that weather. I'm sure their insurance underwriters would agree.
  9. 56 sold. Price drop on the irons. 60 still available. Lets move the rest. Ready to ship tomorrow.
  10. Committing to one set for the remainder of the year. Selling my beloved Wilsons and Cleveland Wedges Wilson FG Tour V6 irons. All standard specs. Length loft and lie, Dynamic Gold AMT S300 shafts. Grips are Golf Pride Tour Velvet Super Tack Midsize. Very good condition with no major blemishes Only thing of note is a small ding on the cavity badge of the 6 iron. $395 $350 SOLD! Cleveland RTX 4 Raw wedge 56/10 degree mid bounce (SOLD) Cleveland RTX 4 Raw lob wedge 60/9 degree mid bounce (still available). Golf Pride Tour Velvet Super tack midsize g
  11. Well, I have two rounds in with it and have mixed feelings about it. The head seems very forgiving. Sound and feel are great. I think I misfired of the shaft. Went with the RDX Blue shaft and I don't think it suits me. Probably should have gone with the RDX black in hindsight. It just feels like the clubhead is playing catch up with the Blue. Contemplating sending it back. Will probably give it one more round.
  12. Up for sale is a stock set of Ping i210 irons. 4-PW Dynamic Gold 120 s300 stiff shafts Black dot, standard lengths, standard lofts, Stock Golf Pride standard grips. Matching serial numbers I purchased these on a whim. Just trying to recoup most of my money. As everyone knows, Ping lead times are a little crazy right now. These are available immediately if they fit your needs. Looking for SOLD
  13. I ordered mine at 44.5 with an RDX Blue 70 x stiff. It'll see it's first action this week. Can't wait. I had the EXS220 last year and if this is even remotely better it'll be a winner.
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