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  1. Seriously. Every time a thread is started about Wilson equipment, it ultimately devolves into a pissing match about Wilson being a big box store brand. I've played Wilson clubs off and on for the past 30 years. These new Cb's look awesome. They'll have big shoes to fill as I believe the V6's are some of the best player's cb's ever.
  2. $50 sale. Tour Edge e8 3 wood. 15 degree. Shafted with Diamana D+ White 80 stiff shaft. Plays at 42.5” Head cover included. $50 shipped CONUS Tour Edge e8 3 hybrid. 19 degree. Standard UST recoil stiff shaft. Standard length. Pom head cover included. $50 shipped CONUS. Cleveland RTX 4 raw wedges. 56 and 60 degree. Both mid grind. Stock S400 shafts. SOLD Odyssey White Hot Pro Rossie. 34” Will include a Club Glove mallet head cover. $50 shipped CONUS. Pictures tell the story. No major blemishes on any club. Just normal face wear on the wedges
  3. Serial number check on iBlades? 01P1278
  4. Four things up for sale. I'm listing these at my rock bottom prices to avoid the back and forth. Trying here first at below my Ebay pricing since I won't be dealing with their high fees. Wilson FG Tour V6 irons. 4-GW. Standard length lofts and lies. Stock Dynamic Gold AMT S300 stiff shaft. GP tour wrap standard grips. Very good condition with normal wear. No major nicks or rock marks. Just some normal bag chatter and paint wear. SOLD Tour Edge EXS 220 9.5 degree driver. PX Hzrdus Yellow 60g X stiff shaft (6.5). Ordered directly from TE at 45" playing length. Head cover
  5. Golf Pride Tour wraps have always been my go to grip with the Lamkin UTX second. Aside from grips, you can try a few products out there that help with sweat. Dry Hands is one of them. I keep a bottle in my bag and it does help. Another hack I learned is to spray my hands with Arid Xtra dry anti antiperspirant before a round. You just have to be sure not to wipe it off during the round or you'll have to re-apply. I sweat like crazy so I've try a few things. Nothing worse the sending a 7 iron flying down the fairway on a hot humid day. Golf is no fun when your main focus is keeping the club in
  6. Nope. Players have used their fairway woods on the regular tour for quite some time now. You can actually thank Tour Edge for all of the other manufacturers chasing distance with fairway woods. Tour Edge was easily the front runner for some time until the others caught up. The CB2 is one of the all time greats and still hangs with anything today.
  7. You're going to be hard pressed to find anything that actually performs better than the V6. I totally understand the itch, but I would hang onto the V6 even if you do buy something new.
  8. Yeah, come on Wolff. Don't want to the circus performer to win. I complained about all the love John Rahm was getting two years ago. I'd gladly trade to have him back at the forefront over BD.
  9. Regardless of the latest BD craze with the distance numbers, I still find the dude annoying. Definitely something off about him. I'd hate to be paired with him for more than one round in any given tournament. Even one round would be pushing it. For me, he'd be the 1-2 stroke penalty that Bubba was talking about.
  10. I play with one ball everyone round. TC survivor 2004. Smell MTB X is my current ball of choice.
  11. It'll all fall apart at some point. Give it a few years and he'll start experiencing joint issues. Your body's frame is what it is. It's only meant to hold so much weight. Overload it and it'll break down eventually.
  12. One up up for sale. This combo is solid. Taylor Made M3 Driver 10.5 degree Fujikura Pro 73 Tour Spec X flex shaft Stock length 45.5 Head cover and tool included. Grip is a Golf Pride New Decade Multi Compound Yellow and Black. Standard size. Pricing this to move quickly and to avoid the back and forth of offers. Excellent shape. Irginally asked $285 shipped. Reduced to $225 shipped CONUS in order to move it out the door.
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