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  1. A band that should have been huge. So much great music from these guys.
  2. Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 Driver 9.5 Degree Hzrdus Yellow X stiff shaft 6.5 (60 gram) Playing length is 45” Golf Pride MCC Plus4 align midsize grip Purchased new. Used once at the range. Mint. Head cover and tool included. SOLD Tour Edge Exotics e8 4 wood 16.5 degree Stock Fujikura Pro 72 stiff shaft Golf Pride MCC Plus4 align midsize grip Head cover included. Excellent condition. $75 shipped conus Tour Edge Exotics e8 3 hybrid 19 degree Stock UST recoil stiff shaft. Will include generic pom head cover. Good c
  3. Bryson's 9 iron at 37 degrees. That was a 7 iron when I first took up the game. Either way 37 degrees of of is 37 degrees of loft regardless of the number on the bottom.
  4. The no signs of impairment statement means nothing. As is always the case in reporting, early information is often inaccurate information. In our must have it now news world, bad info goes out all too often. Most states require toxicology when one is involved in a personal injury accident and impairment is suspected. Could be that the fix is in already? Who knows. Easier for those conducting the investigation to choose not to pursue that avenue since no other motorists were involved/injured. He knows whether or not he was on pain meds. If he was, I hope it serves as a wake up call.
  5. Yeah, Tiger is his prime hit a lot of 3/4 shots and controlled his spin better than anyone on tour. It was much harder to do then considering how much the ball spun and the fact that box grooves were still around.
  6. I'm not surprised at all at your findings. I just put V6's back in the bag and will be playing them again in 2021. To me, the V6 are the best player's iron I've ever owned. I imagine the new CB's are every bit as good considering how long it took them to replace the V6.
  7. 2nd Swing is a rather large operation. Several trackman bays at each store. Pretty big overhead. Don't really think they'd survive on Golfwrx BST margins.
  8. Only club I found that competes is the Tour Edge EXS220.
  9. I'll throw some suggestions your way of some really nice MB's. Bridgestone J15MB Cleveland 588MB Wilson FGTour 100
  10. I'm about to give them a whirl myself. Possibly the putter too. I love Costco stuff. On a different note, I've been a 2UNDR loyalist for several years now ever since my wife first bought me a pair of swing shift boxer briefs. At $25 a pair though, it's a costly luxury. I was in Costco two weeks go a saw they now have 32 cool boxer briefs. I already love 32 cool base layers and the price is killer. I bought a pack the boxer briefs. I think it was around $12 for three pair. Man they are comfortable. They don't have the Joey pouch like the 2UNDR, but at the price I don't miss that par
  11. Ping iBlades 4-PW, Black dot, Standard length. Project X 6.0 stiff shafts. Stock Golf Pride Tour velvet standard grips. Very good condition. $475 shipped CONUS. Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth wedges. 50SS, 54SS and 58SS. All black dot. All standard length. Stock AWT 2.o shafts. These have Golf Pride tour wrap midsize grips. Selling as a set. Sold No trades. Prices are firm and I believe very fair. Stickling to my guns on the pricing as I am really conflicted about selling these. I'll let fate decide. PM if interested.
  12. Cleaning out some things. Lamkin Crossline Plus Wrap Golf Grips 13. Installed 3 to try out and decided they weren't for me. Standard size.. sold Ping G20 3 wood head, 15 degree. Excellent condition. $50 shipped CONUS. No trades. PM if interested.
  13. Cleveland 588MB's would be a solid choice.
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