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  1. Was fit into a ventus velecore blue 6 s over the winter. Swing speeds were in the 100 avg to 105 full out range. I am now living around 112 average on course and the shaft feels real loose and losing a fair share to the right. Club currently plays to 45.5, so I feel like I could easily take .5in maybe up to an inch off of it. Tip it ($50?) or start all over from scratch with a new fitting/driver (~700$)?
  2. In the TXG video posted above, Matt specifically says he would absolutely do a combo set with ZX5s in the long irons. I'll take his word over a bunch of WRX'ers any day. In fact, I did. When a combo set with my exact specs popped up on BST, I was all over them. 5-6 ZX5 and 7-PW ZX7, and couldn't be happier. I will probably need to do a trackman gapping session and have the loft's 100% dialed in, but I honestly don't even think about it from address - they blend so well I can just play golf.
  3. I can't find the original post now. Pretty sure @Howard_Jones posted it over in the WRX Club Techs section.
  4. I didnt bookmark it but it came from one of the well known members in the club builders forum here on wrx... i was probably searching for “projectx lz vs c-taper” or similar...
  5. Wondering what everyone thinks the value of a tech bay rental would be. And I'm talking about a nice setup like: = Trackman or GC Quad = Dual camera system with 240fps slow-mo - Force capture plate - Simulator play - Quality projector\screen - Comfortable environment - Food beer available How much would you pay per hour where you are? Is something like this available to you now, and if so, what are they charging?
  6. It looks like small differences that gradually widen throughout the bag, but never really more than a couple mph of ball speed, a degree in launch and a few hundred revs of spin. I think TXG had similar findings, but marks’s speeds are probably more relatable.
  7. My putting journey over the past 4 months or so: 1.) The video below changed everything for me. I did the test at around 2:45, and realized for the first time in my life that my eyes had to be *outside* the ball line for the alignment to make sense for me. 2.) Once that clicked, the fairly bent over stance allowed me to perform what feels to me like pretty straight back\through stroke. 3.) These required 2 equipment changes. I did a putter fitting and ended up with a 33.5 inch putter (I'm 6'2) that had the slightest amount of toe hang. I went with a ping that's adjustab
  8. 100%. I grabbed a used set off of global as a "test drive" since they have a good return policy. Hot: - Distance - I like the feel Not: - They are so low spin that when I turn one over I get bomb knuckleball flyers - Offset in the longer irons, which encourages the turned over knuckleball flyers I kinda doubt Matt was referring to the new Fowler blades since those are a limited run of 500 and are already out. I feel like Cobra has something else coming and the forged tec makes the most sense because they call that line their "flagship". Wish
  9. watch this at 16:30 re: amount of offset in the zx7 and the impact of bending:
  10. Matt from TXG hinted at “something else” coming from cobra in feb/mar. The crazy thing about MIM is those irons could be more than just “coated” or “finished”, right? I.e. like a blend not previously feasible...?
  11. I had literally the exact same experience. I was swinging a 7i 88mph on trackman with a Srixon rep fitting me. We worked into the PX LZ 6.5 and nothing could beat the numbers - they were perfect. Ironically the top pick for me from the Mizuno Optimizer was PX LZ 5.5, which I hated the feel of, and I am not sensitive to feel really at all (to dumb to know better, I just swing em). Anyway I was very confused until I stumbled onto this chart. The LZ 6.5 slots in right between a normal PX 5.5 and a C-Taper R+, so they really aren't that "stiff" just a 6.5 relative to the rest of the LZ line.
  12. Do we know the shaft options yet? Please say ventus!
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