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  1. Adams 9015D, 9.5*, Grafalloy ProLaunch Red x-stiff shaft It's been in the bag since approximately 20010. I've hit many of the "new" drivers side-by-side with my 9015D over the years on a launch monitor and none have beaten it in any statistic: Ball speed, dispersion, spin, launch, etc. The 2021 crop of drivers has me intrigued, however. Budget permitting, I may do a thorough start-from-scratch fitting and comparison to see if my 9015D can be bested. But I wouldn't be surprised if it stays in the bag.
  2. Imitation is said to be the most sincere form of flattery... I still play the Adams 9015D--and have yet to find a "modern" driver that out performs it whether on a simulator or on the course. That said, I find myself looking at the SIM drivers (both the new one pictured here and the originals) and cannot help but see similarities in design to my old standby, the 9015D: There's the deep face, the pear shape, the weighting pushed way to the back of the head. I believe the speed slot in the sole was also an Adams first, which has since been adopted by TaylorMade and others.
  3. My one, and only, putter: Ping Anser3, purchased new in 1986.
  4. Agreed. This was by no means a distance experiment. I knew my MMC's would be much longer than my old clubs. This was a fun trip down memory lane to see how my old clubs felt, and to a much lesser extent, how they performed given the specs of each, not in comparison to my new clubs. On other occasions, I've tried to hit the Palmer Peerless persimmon driver I played from 1986 through 2000, and I could barely get that thing in in the air! Love how the old clubs look...and in some cases I love how they feel. But I'm glad new clubs are so much easier to hit and perform so much be
  5. On a whim, I went to the range with the 5-8-PW from four sets of my irons: My current MP20 MMCs; Lynx Parallax from about 1992; Hogan Apex PC Blades from about 1984; and Wilson Staff Tour Blades from 1976. Hit 5-10 balls with each set, wedge, then 8i, then 5i, in ascending order starting with the Tour Blades. And, I was pleasantly surprised with the results! Wilson Staff Tour Blades: Always wanted them, but never had 'em as a kid, so I bought them used from eBay 10+ years ago. Scored a nearly mint set. Tiny, skinny heads you'd think would be impossible to hit and v
  6. I splurged on the MMCs this spring, 4-W, with the Project-X LZ 6.0 shafts. I've only hit them on the range thus far but I'm very impressed and happy with them. Super soft yet responsive feel across the face. More forgiving than I had expected for me--especially with my typical miss low and on the heel. Trajectory is great and consistence across the whole set. Distance gaps appear close to where I want them--but I'll need to play them a few times to make sure.
  7. 5: Ping putter, Adams driver, Titleist 3-wood and hybrid, Mizuno irons, Cleveland wedges
  8. I carried and played a Ping Eye2 1-iron when I played in college from 87-92 and carried it for a short time after that as well. I gave my set of Eye-2's to a best friend in the early 90s and he still has the whole set. We played together 3 years ago and after hitting my driver on a par-4, I hit the 1-iron from my old set once again. I smoked a power draw down the middle and said to him, "If that went further than my driver, I'm taking this thing back." Fortunately for both of us, the 1-iron didn't beat my driver...but hitting that club again really felt great! I would not put a 1-iron back
  9. Northwestern junior set, 5-7-9 irons Powerbuilt Citation Women's set, 3-PW Powerbuilt Citation Men's set, 3-PW Hogan Apex PCs, 2-PW Ping Eye2, 1-PW Lynx Parallax, 2-PW MacGregor Pro-C & Pro-M Blended set, 4-6 in Pro-C and 7-PW in Pro-M Mizuno MP20 MMC, 4-PW
  10. 0.2 Having a set of Mizuno MP20 MMC's being built for me as we speak.
  11. I asked Callaway through their "Callaway Community" forum if the Dots were available to be ordered with the satin finish and Callaway quickly answered that Dots were NOT available in satin. That said, I suspect there is a way to get them in a satin finish but perhaps not for a "regular guy" going through normal Callaway channels.
  12. Wow do these photos bring back memories. I played Powerbilt Citation irons, first the ladies model at about the age of 13 (1982) and then upgraded to the mens model when I was about 15 (1984 or so). they were my first full set of irons, P through 2 iron. Before that, I played a "junior" set: D, 3W, 5W, 5i, 7i, 9i, putter. (laminated woods, blade irons, no wedges!) I'm sure many here remember those days and those clubs!
  13. My only putter for the past 30 years has been a Ping Anser 3. Used it on all sorts of greens, mainly in PA, OH, NY, and now CO for the past 20 years. It works fine everywhere I've played...from Pine Valley to simple public courses with slow fuzzy greens. "It's the Indian, not the arrow" in my opinion. Or, to be more PC: Use what works.
  14. Division III College Golf in 1992--Playing in a regular season tournament, I'm a senior playing in a three-some with two other guys from other schools. One of my group-mates is a freshman, let's call him Dave, a very nice kid who I could tell he was a bit nervous and a bit overwhelmed by the whole experience. The other player, let's call him Bob, was maybe a junior with whom I had not played before and who turned out to be the subject of this tale We tee off and right from the first shot, Bob starts bitching and moaning about his tee shot. He continues complaining about every shot he hits
  15. Ping Anser 3 Putter, circa 1986. Only putter I own and the only putter I plan to ever own.
  16. My Putter: Ping Anser 3--29 years old I bought it in 1986 when I was 17 and it is the only putter I own.
  17. Ping Anser 3, bought in 1986...and it's the only putter I own. Original shaft, replaced the grip with a Winn mid-size, added a bit of weight (lead tape) to the cavity. It will never leave the bag.
  18. I was anxious to see these "new" Cobra irons in person or through better pictures. But it seems I already have, as I'm currently playing irons that appear to be remarkably similar to this new release from Cobra:
  19. Please enter me in this giveaway. I'd love to be chosen to have the opportunity to take part in a fitting on behalf of TaylorMade. As a scratch player, I believe I would be an Ideal candidate to represent good players in the fitting process for these new clubs. I understand the fitting process and would enjoy bring an open mind to the options available from TaylorMade. I'd also enjoy the opportunity to report on the process, what it is like to go through a fitting at this level and how the fitting influenced my game on the course. It would also be a fantastic experience to participate
  20. [list] [*][color=#B22222]Explain WHY you want to review the Anser driver for GolfWRX. [/color]I would enjoy trying a different, good-player's driver to compare it's overall performance against my current driver. I believe I would be able to fairly and thoroughly evaluate this driver's complete performance from an impartial and common-sense point of view. It would be interesting to see the performance of a new driver as compared to my current driver, since I only own one driver and do not plan on purchasing a replacement any time soon. I have the swing skills, observational skills and writ
  21. Ping Anser 3 putter has been in my bag since the summer of 1985, almost 27 years ago. It's the only putter I own and will probably be the only putter I will ever own. It now wears a custom Delilah head cover, 25 years after I bought the putter!
  22. I have the blended set (PW-7 are muscle backs; 6-4 iron are cavity backs). I think they're great. They are not the most forgiving irons but they feel great, look great and these days you probably cannot beat the price.
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