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  1. A $5 reduction from $35 to $30 (14% savings) isn't a game changer.
  2. Bottom line is right. Snell balls available in yellow.
  3. I think even Titleist realized that its NXT balls were overpriced and missed the price point for a decent surlyn ball, so it's gone. If it's gotta be a Titleist, try the Velocity or TruFeel. The TruFeel is as good a surlyn ball as you'll find.
  4. I feel MUCH safer with my own cart. Riding with someone puts you a couple feet away from their face. I think $10 is reasonable, and money well spent. If you share a cart with a friend or stranger you should both, at the very least, wear masks while in the cart.
  5. Ping Traverse is an excellent bag that checks all your boxes. Ping Pioneer is also a great bag--a little heavier than the Traverse.
  6. Any details about your opinion of the poor quality? That can mean a lot of things. Fabric? Fit? Durability? Other reasons?
  7. They do make that ball, if you get them on sale or during a promo--Srixon 2 for 1 for example or du buy 2, get one free, or a reduced price on a last generation ball. Easy to get excellent balls for less than $30. With the caveat that you need to plan and take advantage of promos and sales. I don't know how many dozens you buy at a time, but Snells would fit the bill if you buy enough. All of the Srixon urethane covered balls are durable, particularly the yellows. Snells are also durable.
  8. Pinnacle Soft is an excellent 2 piece ball, and also great price. I play yellow balls and wish Pinnacle offered it in yellow.
  9. The newest QST and Z Star are top performers in their respective categories/pricepoints. With the bogo, can't beat the value at 16.50 or 20.00 per dozen.
  10. interested to read your thoughts after playing the balls. I would think a 2 piece surlyn ball would fare better after 13 years than a multilayer urethane covered ball, but that's mere speculation on my part! 13 years is a long time.
  11. A good ball--urethane cover for decent spin from 100 yards in; low compression for those who like soft feel. The yellow is the most visible I've seen for any urethane ball. A steal at that price. Much better all around ball than the surlyn low compression softies.
  12. The Costco gloves work fine for me--downside is that they don't offer cadet, and don't have elastic on the back of the hand which tends to improve fit. for the price, I think the Costco gloves are fine. My hands sweat like crazy, so I'm tough on gloves. Plus, I'm not a perfectionist when it comes to gloves, and the Costco gloves are beyond acceptable. Plus, there's no risk with Costco gloves. If you don't like them, return shipping is free, and all you need to do is put them back in the envelope, find a Ups drop box or store, and get a full credit.
  13. Tried running shoes. Great for walking the golf course but no side support makes them useless while swinging. Gotta have the proper shoes that are sport specific. Some folks tell me hiking shoes have more side support and are comfortable for walking but I've never tried them. I see the comfort issue as a thing of the past--so many golf shoes are every bit as comfortable as walking or running shoes.
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