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  1. Just think how much better Hideki's score would have been if he didn't have to overcome the seam issue! Good enough for world class golfers, but not for WRX ers! (written mostly tongue in cheek
  2. Srixon figured out a clever way to deal with their pesky seam issue described in the ZStar thread here--
  3. Probably not, but for $50/dozen, they should be centered.
  4. I've found that the Kirkland gloves are as durable as any thin cabretta I've played. The fit isn't quite as good as some other value gloves. I find the MG more consistent in sizing, but for me, the cost-benefit of the Kirkland glove makes sense. I'm a real sweater so getting 4 gloves at a time helps as I will rotate gloves during a round to allow for drying.
  5. That's a dealbreaker for me and other yellow ball players.
  6. The difference will be negligible and all but tour level players and other elites won't be able to tell the difference. A launch monitor might pick up some minor differences but this will not show up in golf ball performance where it counts. On the golf course.
  7. good advertisement for back surgery to improve ball striking. Your observation about golfballs.....not so much.
  8. Got a sleeve at an outing. It's an ok 2 piece surlyn ball, harder than a soft feel. With the Srixon buy 2 get one free promo, the soft feel is a very good buy for a 2 piecer.
  9. When I'm not getting along with my driver, I put my Big Bertha Mini Driver 1.5 in the bag. It's a good confidence builder.
  10. I love the Ping Glide 2.0s. Best wedges I've ever used. I carry 50, 54, 58. Grooves stay sharp. The standard shaft works very well for my game. As others write, get the right grind for your needs and game, no matter what you choose.
  11. I like the rangefinder to get yardages to hazards--I think it's invaluable for that purpose as well as getting yardage to pin. A good rangefinder is available for less than $150--Costco, Mastergrip and others I've read about On threads here. Look for black Friday deals.
  12. The Srixon Soft Feel ball is a very good 2 piece. Srixon has buy 2, get one free promo now, available at most golf equipment retailers. Drops price to about $15/dozen.
  13. It would be great to get an explanation from Costco! They have jumped into the golf equipment market with their golfballs--just look at the number of posts here--as well as putters, wedges, gloves, etc. A lot of their success originated here, and I'd be very surprised if someone in their sporting goods dept. at the corporate level was not aware of this controversy.
  14. No problem--just having fun and I also hate it when people are obnoxious assh*les here. We're all entitled to our opinions and disagreements should be civil. No worries!!
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