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  1. She's forgotten more than most of us will know.
  2. FYI, part of the Bethpage system - New York State.
  3. I hear what you're saying but I think it goes deeper.
  4. I brought up the problem of getting reservations [actually complaining] with the park management and this was his answer - which I don't buy at all!!!! There are only limited golf reservations available and at 7 PM there are about 300 people trying to get in so the reservations go fast. It was actually better with the phone system, in my opinion. Something illegal is going on there.
  5. FYI, I've been playing a Bethpage course for many years. Before the Black was redone for the Open, the Blue was the signature course and used for local tournaments. The sixth hole has to be one of the hardest holes on LI if you're familiar with it. In my opinion, the front nine ranks right up there with the Black in difficulty.
  6. I think that I already know the answer BUT I could be wrong, What is the penalty to a golfer if he is caught modifying a club during a competitive round?
  7. Forgot to mention, Bethpage is aerating the courses around this time. Not sure when The Black is being done. But you should try to find out before. Live phone is 516-249-0700.
  8. I'm a resident and I can't get on any Bethpage courses because there is something crooked going on in getting a reservation. As a SINGLE though, you should have little trouble getting on. Just go there early and sign up at the cashier. There are TV screens there. Not every group is a foursome Bad thing though is you might have to wait around a bit for the opening. Just know though, nothing is guaranteed! Usually good for weekday and single. Good luck.
  9. Farther than 25 miles but nice is Willow Creek and Montauk Downs. FYI, Montauk Downs is connected to Bethpage.
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