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  1. No, the 35" + 6" is how Evnroll markets for sizing. The putter was built/shipped from Envroll at 41". The additional 6" enables the modified/midlock armlock position. The 35" is to aid in sizing, to help in selecting the correct length. It is merely a guide.
  2. New - ER8v Midlock Tour Mallet - squared-back, mid-size mallet (never outside). 41" in length (35" + 6") Standard loft and lie (4/71) 20 degree toe hang Headcover included SOLD
  3. Brand new 2021 Studio Stock 17 putter. Still in plastic. $410 shipped. Open to offers. Model - SS#17 Dexterity - Right Length - 35” Lie/Loft - 70/2 Grip - standard Weight 358 grams
  4. Not sure if anyone will see this given the age of the thread, but does anyone know what shaft tip size for Carbon putters? .370?
  5. trowski99

    Vokey SM8

    When do these hit fitting carts?
  6. Alpharetta, GA 12.1 Callaway BB Alpha DBD Z 785 Driver Yes, agree to fully participate in the review and forum process
  7. Alpharetta, GA Handicap of 12.1 Bridgestone Tour B X or Chrome Soft Assuredly will keep things confidential Gladly participate in the review thread
  8. Still gaming mine. I have a Matrix Ozik White Tie x-flex in mine (I needed some help with launch). I find it pretty forgiving and have had great success with distance and dispersion.
  9. Finally had a chance to see the hybrids in-person. Given the price, disappointing. I agree with the stiff comments and the spike-less traction, while not tried on the grass, left a lot to be desired. Style wise they reminded me of some of Kikkor's early releases.
  10. I really wanted these to work. I had a chance to try them on this weekend, and I have to agree with those complaining about the drop. It may not be all that significant, when measured, but it certainly felt noticeable. And given the height and cushioning in the heal, the toe box felt very unsupported. And this is coming from someone that loves minimal shoes. It is not so much that the toe box is deficient, it merely felt that way given how much cushion there is everywhere else. Oh and the blue colorway looked much better in person.
  11. [quote name='LittleLeftToRight' timestamp='1442857992' post='12345162'] Waiting for the Lee apology for causing all of this. In my opinion she should have already stepped up and taken the blame for the whole incident. Petterson did not need to apologize, but the silence from Lee put her in a bad position. And yes this is a PR apology. Petterson just went by the rules. Lee was at fault 100% and deserves 100% of the blame. Just goes to show you how modern society works. Logic and reason has gone completely out the window. [/quote] While I agree Lee made a mistake, I believe the event, or lack thereof, snowballed quickly and spread beyond the two / four players involved. I think it is easy to point fingers at both. I do not think Petterson handled it well, whether forced or not. What I do not understand is why the rules official did not step in and allow Lee to replace the ball and attempt to make the putt. I believe he indicated there was no confusion as to whether the putt was actually given. It appears as though there was confusion. By no means trying to point a finger at the official, just curious if there was a more detailed explanation that I missed.
  12. I have to echo the points made about the actual video coverage...it was terrible. The angles, or lack there of made viewing difficult. Some may be a product of where they were allowed to put towers, but the inability to track a ball's flight is inexcusable. Further the early split screen / two picture views of JD and Day walking while others were actually hitting shots was awful. At one point they came back with color commentary but were showing a landscape shot of the entire course. I felt the shot tracing was not well executed. Half the time the angles shown added little value; plus several times random non-shot tracing would show up on the screen at awkward angles. Yes it could have been worse, but it appears paying the USGA left Fox with little to invest in the actual video coverage.
  13. [quote name='HoffTTM' timestamp='1434657270' post='11778512'] [quote name='trowski99' timestamp='1434656887' post='11778440'] Have they said how long the rounds have taken? [/quote] Their tee time was 7:33AM so its been the best part of 5h20 [/quote] Just did the math myself - that is troubling when they were one of the first groups out.
  14. Overall the coverage is a disappointment given Fox has not revolutionized golf as its marketing has indicated.[list] [*]Flesch and Faxon are pretty good [*]Pavin and Delsing are terrible [*]Buck, to another member's point, is throwing everyone on the team under the bus and he still sounds like he is calling every other sport but golf [*]Norman is okay but not much of an improvement over Miller [*]Way too chatty - more golf, less talk (feels like golf covered via Twitter) [*]Agree that the pro-tracer angles are strange [*]"Chase" camera is novel idea as it does help with elevation change [/list]
  15. I will pile on. Seamus headcovers are great and the customer service cannot be beat. In addition to my driver and fairway wood, I have one of the patchwork putter covers. Currently sold out and admittedly will not be for everyone (blade and small mid-mallet only), but very secure and well made.
  16. Further confirmation: [size=4][color=#000000]Wednesday, April 8[/color] [color=#000000]9-11 a.m.: Masters On the Range, CBS Sports Network[/color] [color=#000000]3-5 p.m.: Par 3 Contest, Live coverage, ESPN[/color] [color=#000000]Thursday, April 9[/color] [color=#000000]11 a.m.-1 p.m:. Masters On the Range, CBS Sports Network[/color] [color=#000000]3-7:30 p.m.: Live coverage, ESPN[/color] [color=#000000]8-11 p.m.: First-day replay, ESPN[/color] [color=#000000]11:30-11:45 p.m.: Highlights show, CBS[/color] [color=#000000]Friday, April 10[/color] [color=#000000]11 a.m.-1 p.m.: Masters On the Range, CBS Sports Network[/color] [color=#000000]3-7:30 p.m.: Live coverage, ESPN[/color] [color=#000000]8-11 p.m.: Second-day replay, ESPN[/color] [color=#000000]11:30-11:45 p.m.: Highlights show, CBS[/color] [color=#000000]Saturday, April 11[/color] [color=#000000]11 a.m.-1 p.m.: Masters On the Range, CBS Sports Network[/color] [color=#000000]3-7 p.m.: Live coverage, CBS[/color] [color=#000000]8 p.m.: Third-day replay, CBS Sports Network[/color] [color=#000000]Sunday, April 12[/color] [color=#000000]11 a.m.-1 p.m. Masters On the Range, CBS Sports Network[/color] [color=#000000]2-7 p.m. Live coverage, CBS[/color] [color=#000000]8 p.m.: Final-day replay, CBS Sports Network[/color][/size]
  17. [quote name='tftimm' timestamp='1428349562' post='11296347'] [quote name='trowski99' timestamp='1428349285' post='11296277'] Looks like he has lost weight. [/quote] That's the first things I notice too...which I think is a good thing. He has gotten too bulky and loss some of his flexibility IMHO... [/quote] I agree that this could very well be a good thing. Appears most noticeably in his arms. Back still looks a bit "yoked."
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