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  1. Taking the club away outside and right elbow is away from the body!Got my swing taped for the first time last night. Looked good, except for several things. As per description I am picking the club up and taking it away outside. This is leading to my right elbow getting away from the body. Any ideas on drills that I could do to help with a better takeaway as well as getting my elbow in closer to my body. Currently the only drill I am doing is with a towel under my right armpit. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and happy hacking!
  2. To Whom It May Concern: I am looking for some drills that I can incorporate into my practice routine (short game/range). Any ideas would be great! Thanks for your time.
  3. My wife is active duty so I think I will be able to get on at Fort Jackson. The facilities at the University Club look great.
  4. Do you happen to know what kind of initiation fee they have for members under the age of 35? What about Fort Jackson...I have heard they have pretty nice facilities?
  5. Columbia, SCMoving to the area soon and am looking for somewhere to work on my game. Any ideas???
  6. Columbia, SC AreaI am moving to the area and am interested in joining a club in the area. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Columbia, SCLooking for a job in Columbia, SC. Ideally looking for something at a course. I will do pretty much anything. Am going to be in town the 5th of October. Any ideas or leads are greatly appreaciated.
  8. My wife is going to be doing some training at Ft. Jackson in October (08) and i am looking to tag along before we head to Germany in February (09). Just wondering if anyone has any reccomendations or information for working at area golf courses? I have plenty of experience working outside services, in the shop, and caddying. Any information would be fantastic. Thanks
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