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  1. I haven't played much golf in the last 5 or 6 years, but I have the itch again. I'm currently playing Titleist zb forged irons, and while I hit them well enough, I'm ready for some "new-to-me" irons and wouldn't mine some extra forgiveness. I've always like the i5 irons. I have an i5 6 iron, and I love the way it sets up. Am I giving up too much tech to buy irons this old? Which other i-series irons should I investigate? Thanks in advance.
  2. Some guys can throw a baseball 95mph and some can't . . .
  3. 2013 Majors Poker Chips!!!! Great give away as usual!!!
  4. Never Slice Again by Brian Manzella . . . you can thank me later.
  5. TRUE phx Brown/Tan size 11 . . . thanks for the opportunity
  6. How did you register? When I click the link it says more information available this week.
  7. Yeah, if only Watney understood the new ball flight laws he'd never slice again. . .give me a break.
  8. Yes, he was in a bunker, but it should have been called a waste area, especially since there were about 50 people in there with him. That was a bad decision on the PGAs part to play it that way, and I also understand why some people think golf is a stupid game, I mean what a ridiculous way for the tourney to end. Thanks goodness for Dustin that he missed the putt on 18.
  9. [quoteIs that really a pro's swing? Looks awfully sloppy to me. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdArYp77nlA"]Kuchar Driver 2010[/url] ][/quote] Yeah, what a terrible swing. He must be at least a double digit handicap. Oh wait, he's leading the PGA.
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