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  1. Head is in excellent condition. Only looking for same head in 9.0 and yellow. Not interested in any other model or loft. Thank you. Price 200.00
  2. Forgive my lack of knowledge with newer tech. I've always played drivers at 400cc or under or strong 13° 3 woods. Since they don't make mini drivers anymore, are there any strong 3 woods that are considered "forgiving". Not looking for more distance, just looking for help with consistency. Thank you.
  3. Jim flick once said "a turn will not create a swing". But "a swing will create a turn". I think most of us growing up with modern instruction turn too much/too fast, that we leave the club behind and are out of sequence from the start. Mdlt works, but it's a journey for most of us that's us against ourselves. Steve is the perfect example of what happens when you work with Manuel from the start. Most of us battle and try to unwire all the unnatural swing thoughts we've jumped around throughout the years. "Club focused instruction" is thee friendliest golf instruction out there. Its rea
  4. Glad you brought this up. I usually play my drivers at 43.5 from trial and error. But its interesting their tour version is 44.5, only a half inch shorter than their standard. On their website it says you can select as low as negative 1 inch, so 44 inches. But Ricky, their tour pro, is playing it at 43.5. Why aren't they offering at this length. I' love this driver in testing, but worried about them building a shorter version with the correct swing weight. What to do?.....
  5. Cobra Connect Grips W/ Arcoss Sensors | eBayAre these it? I don't know what to think and the seller doesn't know either.
  6. How is the best way to get a hold of some? Cobra? Ebay? I don't know what to think after striking out after round one. The wife is not impressed
  7. The dont have the ace pattern. It's a crossline pattern. This is the one. Is it a standard crossline?
  8. I can order them from cobra or get them on Ebay. I'm just trying to figure out what actual lamkin grip it is. I've had crossline before and this grip felt softer/fuller. But the 360s I got from Lamkin aren't even close to it.
  9. I'm a yearly grip changer, always looking for the right grip that fits what I'm looking for. Anyway, I hit my buddies cobra driver and it had the cobra connect grip made by lamkin on it. Absoulutely loved the way the grip felt. Went to the golf store and looked at the cobra irons that had the same grips and they felt the exact same. The guy said they were lamkin crossline 360 grips. So I order 13 gray lamkin crossline 360s and put them on all my clubs. It was in no way even close to the cobra connect lamkin grips. Really bummed out because these 360s are so thin and feel awful. I made
  10. For those of you that are worried about their ego of hitting a 7 instead and your buddy hitting an 8. Two words, fvck em. We are playing a game called golf, lowest score wins period. Doesn't matter what you use or how you use it. I used to have a set of modern irons that the pw went almost 150 yards. It made the game more difficult for me. I had created a bigger gap, but not in the area I wanted with the scoring clubs. The modern irons felt like they had a hot spot also. One shot would go 165, the next would go 180. The ping eye 2s never did this. Distance was extremely consistent.
  11. Tried everything and these still win. Tried different sets of modern tech. Today's clubs have "hotspots" in the club that's too drastic for my swing. One swing it goes 145, the next swing it goes 160. My old ping eye 2s have no hot spots. And goes the same distance every time. Now, they may not go straight, but that's on me:-)
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