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  1. I had a 7i Great White back in the day. Dang thing was heavy as heck. Worked wonders while knocking the ball around the pasture.
  2. Sans red line and initial stamp (unless I can get my own) they look pretty go to me.
  3. The guy on the left looks like any crazy football fan that paints their face. the dude in the middle looks like the is sizing up Tiger's liver for dinner.
  4. If you did, I think you had better teach that kid to be a tough SOB early on.
  5. Definitely thanks for the heads up. I headed over after work last Thursday and picked up a 5W w/ PL Blue S. Forget the "for $17 it's a good deal"; this thing is like cheating. I did get a few weird looks on the way home from passersby and from the wife when I pulled into the drive...on my motorcycle!
  6. Another option is a tent repair kit. Check the camping section. Walmart may even have what you need. You may even be able to find an iron on patch for clothing in the fabric store that would work.
  7. Not sure about that putter and its "stampable places" in particular, but I would certainly put the wedding date on it, in your wedding colors. Maybe your nickname for her (if you have one). I love you!, etc.
  8. I noticed one hole yesterday ( one of the elevated tee boxes) where there were 3 kids laying on the upslope on the right of the tee box. They were laying about 10-15 yards forward of the teeing spot with their heads craned up to see the shot. With the wind howling like it was, I was envisioning the ball being blown off as, I think it was Norman tee off, catching it on the toe and drilling one of those kids square in the melon @ 15 yards. Scary thought!
  9. A few years ago, I was playing a particularly busy course with a buddy (lefty). We get up to the 1st tee, probably 30 people waiting their turn, and he is up first. Remember, he is a lefty. He lets go with a mighty swing, and toes it BAD. The balls rockets off at about 165* through a tiny slit in the cart shed doors. With all those people standing there, all you could hear was the ball ricocheting around the shed, hitting dang near everything in there. After all of the banging around, everyone around the tee box started laughing uncontrollably. Not a good way to start your 18.
  10. Not sure what time it gets dark over there, but they are, I am pretty sure + 5hrs from Eastern time. Doesn't answer your Q, but maybe it gives a little help????
  11. I have noticed the same slick issue with mine lately as well. The past few weeks have been much warmer and more humid. I can't seem to keep them tacky. They are the stockers on my m685s that I have only had in the bag for about 3 months. Maybe they are just a bit hardened from the time sitting around before I bought them (new)????
  12. Nike 400cc driver Square 2 TCXII 3w Mac 685 irons Cleveland 53* No name SW Tour Edge 60* Ping Anser TI2 putter ___________________ =7
  13. I would vote for the player/caddie as well. And for heaven sakes, they need to release the birds from the sound booth. Occassionally, it sounded like Hicks and Miller were holding robins up to the mike and squeezing them to w/in an inch of their lives.
  14. On the topic of "outstanding drivers", does anybody remember the driver that had the air channels through the face and out the back? I can't seem to find anything about this gem. The USGA probably has it on Double Secret Probabtion:) EDIT: Thanks macglock. The Air Xtreme. For a good laugh, check out the game improvement stuff on this page. I especially like the ball peen hammer style putter. After all, 4 footers will be gimmes.
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