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  1. [color=#606060][size=2] [/size][/color] [color=#1C2837][size=2][b][u]TM Burner XD irons (4-PW)[/u][/b] [b]225 OBO [s]$200 OBO[/s] [/b][b]SOLD[/b] [b] [/b] [b][b][u]TM RAC OS irons (3-PW[/u][/b])[/b] [b]$200 OBO $175 OBO[/b] [/size][/color]
  2. [b][u]TM Burner XD irons (4-PW)[/u][/b] [b][s]225 OBO[/s] $200 OBO[/b] [b] [/b] [b][b][u]TM RAC OS irons (3-PW[/u][/b])[/b] [b][s]$200 OBO[/s] $175 OBO[/b]
  3. Price Drops 3/9For Sale TM Burner XD irons (4-PW). Standard L/L/L Steel TM Superfast Stiff Shafts Golf Pride NDMC Red/Black Grips I gamed these the last year and a half. I would rate them 7/10. The faces show wear and bag chatter. The grips are in good condition and only a year old. $225 OBO TM RAC OS irons (3-PW) Standard L/L/L Graphite TM S Shafts TM Grips Rating 7/10 Good shape for their age. Good Irons but I just have too many sets. $200 OBO
  4. Thanks for the review. I will be checking for a demo day near me.
  5. You can find Oakley Flak Jackets with XLJ lenses for about $80-$100 new on the bay. I have a rounder face and prefer the Flak Jackets XLJs over Half Jackets.
  6. This is getting out of hand. I can not stand this. It has now happened in each of the last 3 tournaments, correct? It is rediculous and I do not like where this is going.
  7. Great looking Cameron. Like others said, not many in that condition.
  8. I have heard good things about these. I will have to try them out.
  9. I weare a fitted Titleist hat. I only have a Scotty the rest are TM or Cobra. I just love the way the hat fits and looks.
  10. I have to take the glove off before putting... it is def a "feel" thing. Just doesnt feel right with a glove on while putting.
  11. I have 4 currently and I am hoping to unload one soon. I keep telling myself " I will pick this up and unload one to even it out....yea right
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