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  1. I can't really tell from the pics. Which lie angle are the wedges? Black dot?
  2. For me, there's no better feeling than a perfectly struck long iron shot from the fairway into a green. I think the inherent difficulty of the shot intensifies the feeling.
  3. Adams Tight Lies Titanium 3+. Launches like 5 wood, spins like a driver and you get basically the same result no matter where you hit it on the face. You almost have to try to hit a bad shot with it. Super underrated! But, the Mizuno MP 650 has got to be one of the biggest "sleepers" of all time.
  4. A TRUE scratch golfer should break 85 on any course unless there are extreme weather conditions. You don't get to a scratch level because you're short off the tee and can't putt. Amateurs break par at Augusta every year during the tournament. Don't confuse a guy that plays one course every day and happens to win the club championship with a seasoned scratch golfer.
  5. The original Founder's Club "The Judge" driver. Sounded like a tin can, but it stayed in the air forever. Knuckleball city!
  6. I gamed an Adams Tight Lies Titanium with a Veylix Rome 888 most of last year, but I keep going back to the Mizuno MP 650. It's as long as anything else, easy to hit and seems to hate the left side. Can't ask for more.
  7. :rofl: The Cally Sub Zero is phenomenal, but, unless something else is released in the next few months, I think the best driver of 2017 will still be the 2016 TM M2.
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