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  1. Paypal is [email protected], for credit card or with any questions please email [email protected] First to pay gets it, we will update this as often as possible until all are sold. **Updated as of 3/2/2021** Discounts for buying in bulk. 2 for 10% off 3 for 20% off 4 for 30% off and 5 or more at 40% off. All shafts are sold as is. Pulled from stock OEM clubs. Please email [email protected] for any questions. (3) Mint MMT 70 X Flex Fairway Wood Type-304SS 42.25” 3 wood pull No tip- $35 (1) Mint MMT 70 X Flex Driver Shaft Type-304S
  2. We just got these in if anyone is looking to try one. https://thepeoplesclubs.com/mitsubishi-tensei-1k.html
  3. Hey guys, just a quick heads up our first release of the year is now live with 9 new putters from 4 of the top manufacturers including this beauty.
  4. Thanks guys! This will be updated today or tomorrow with some new offerings.
  5. Hey guys check out TourStockPutters.com we just listed our last 10 putters of 2020, be sure to check them out before they are gone. Thanks for your continued support.
  6. All of these are an additional 20% off the listed price, this week only!
  7. Hey guys, just a quick heads up, we just listed 10 new putters on www.tourstockputters.com
  8. Hey thanks man, it was a beauty for sure, clean as can be.
  9. Hey guys, just a quick heads up we just dropped 10 new putters on www.TourStockPutters.com, this beautiful Newport 2 Timeless is one of my favorites. Which is your favorite?
  10. Hey thanks for the kind words guys, we do have them in stock now. Just go here to purchase, https://thepeoplesclubs.com/fujikura-ventus-hyrbid.html
  11. Hey guys, just a quick heads up we now have the 2020 Fujikura Ventus Hybrid shafts available for purchase, if you need a recommendation please email me, [email protected] or to purchase just go here, https://thepeoplesclubs.com/fujikura-ventus-hyrbid.html Thanks for the continued support we greatly appreciate it.
  12. No sorry see the 2020 list for the shafts we currently have, updated that this morning...
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