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  1. Looking for mint condition head only with sleeve and headcover 19 or 17 deg head LMK Thank you
  2. Any others with these in the bag? Updates?
  3. Wow! did you raise a quality control issue perhaps with PXG? Was the finish different to the milled wedges? Which I thought had quite a good quality finish...
  4. Looking for reviews on this iron from the community. Who’s playing? Did you combo with Gen3 T model? Shaft choice etc. Looking for feedback, playability etc? Thanks in advance!! Stay safe..
  5. @asroma19 thank you for the feedback vs Accra TZ6, was it 10-15 yards longer for you?
  6. Anyone able to compare these two heads?Performance, feel, differences, etc. Looking for feedback? Thanks in advance.
  7. Sweet setup, was there any issues with gapping between ST and gen3 T’s?
  8. Anyone order a combo of Gen3 T’s and ST’s? Or tested Gen3’s vs ST?
  9. Unfortunately cannot view any of the new accessories as the new site default to region in Australia has blocked all the US content.
  10. @PXGSocialTeam Thank you for contributing to this thread. Will there be any new staff caddy bags like on offer in Korea?
  11. Anyone have pics of the Gen3 T next to the ST? And tested playability differences?
  12. They look amazing!! May have to order site unseen... I have the wedges already!
  13. Anyone on here hit these or ordered a set? Comparisons to Gen2 0311T? Thank you
  14. Bought a X version GEN2 when they first came out but dumped it cause of very heavy weight issues D6. And moved to Epic Flash TD. Looking at going back as the 3 wood is money with Tensei Pro White.. Who’s dialed there’s in or moved on from X or XF model?
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