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  1. https://pluggedingolf.com/mitsubishi-kaili-white-shaft-review/
  2. That is the best looking Cally driver in years!!
  3. How did you get the order in? Didn’t know these were available yet
  4. Anymore updates on this release? Will we see it before the new year. Out of all the new releases this seems to have the most tour adoption.
  5. Looking forward to the review, thinking of putting a 5x up against the 1K 50tx….
  6. OG Diamana Stinger Full flower band
  7. Solid review from Matt, hopefully some reviews vs the OG fully milled ST soon….
  8. Also interested how this compares to Evo4… And VTC vs Velocore.
  9. Which head did you test these shafts in? Was the 5x VB longer then the 1K for you? Or just better dispersion? thanks for your feedback..
  10. TM Sim TI V2 Tour Issue
  11. Good solid feedback on the Gen4, had the Gen2 and it felt heavy and quite a dead feel. Anyone able to compare to Epic Speed TD LS?
  12. Anymore testing reviews or updates?
  13. Anyone done some testing of these vs the OG full milled 0311ST?
  14. Hopefully more fade bias then 1K, this should be a great test…
  15. Looking forward to the feedback on this one! Also vs the 1K
  16. Roddio Spoon - amazing quality, sleeve is a bit tricky.
  17. How is this going to compare to Tensei 1K?
  18. Anymore feedback on these 3? Have a 34” CC NP2 and want to play it at 35 and increase head weight to feel like my PXG putters
  19. Also interested in XC vs Tensei 1K
  20. Wow!! Cannot wait to here ready to see how it compares to ESTD LS ..
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