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  1. IMHO they look awesome with badges off ! If i didn't love my wilson blades so much they would not be for sale
  2. Modus 120x. But planned on selling them another time the set is for sale heads only unless you were interested in the modus
  3. All prices are subject to OBO and includes CONUS shipping via USPS Priority! Ping S55 4 iron Head Orange dot standard Loft Price: SOLDVokey Sm7 raw 50* loft 12* Bounce, F Grind, wedge head. This wedge started life as black Ox finish then a vinegar bath was used to remove all black finish. Paint fill is all black. Price: SOLDTM HiToe 58* Copper ATV Grind, custom ordered from TM at 1 degree flat, D6, Standard length and DGS400 Tour Issue shaft... Brand new with shrink wrap still on it. Price: SoldWilson V4 Forged heads 4-PW 1* flat, De-badged for super sweet look.. The irons are mint.. 4-9 d
  4. Gems!!! Oh the memories with that set. Funny thing is these sticks are as good if not better than any blade out today.
  5. Correct, he finished off last season with S400 Tour Issue shafts because he switched to the TP5 TM Ball.. Then switched back to C-Tapers this season with the introduction of his new iron heads
  6. The shafts in the original nike blades are S400 if they are then ones installed OEM. Just thought I would help ?
  7. Im still playing the FG100 and love them.. But the staff model are so damn sexy.. will be my next set for sure!!
  8. that's a sick set.. those shafts are the real deal.. absolutely amazing! glws
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