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  1. Happy Master's Sunday to ya'll. A few buddies and myself are looking to do a Hershey PA or Pocono Mountain golf weekend in late May, and are looking for some course recommendations. We're not looking to completely break the bank (a few guys with kids on the way), so really just looking for some quality, affordable, fun tracks. We'll have between 6-8 players, can all break 90, and are looking for an excuse to get away! Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. EAL dog hat looks a bit faded. Can you post a few more pics or confirm? Thanks!
  3. Also interested in the driving iron. Am I missing the cost? Thanks!
  4. I'd check out Manufacturers and Commonwealth as well.
  5. Few that come to mind: Commonwealth CC LuLu CC Green Valley CC Manufacturers
  6. Hartefeld is great track. Enjoy!
  7. Little Mill Country Club is great. Competitive golf community and 27 holes. Worth checking out.
  8. Best of luck. I was thinking of doing a UK trip as well but pivoted to a SoCal golf trip instead.
  9. The guy hit every fairway in The Match 2. Still the best iron player in the world. If he's in the fairway, he can win any tournament he enters.
  10. Mizuno S18 60 degree w/ 6 degree bounce. Ball pops out like butter!
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