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  1. I have a negative AOA on everything but my driver which is neutral or slightly positive.
  2. I like playing match play, skins, and birds/greens. The match play part takes total score out of the conversation so blowing up a hole (it happens) isn't a day killer. Everyone can play from their prospective tee boxes and play their game accordingly. If need be strokes can be agreed on by the group for each golfer before starting. In past rounds with friends or kids or family rounds we scramble off the tee from whatever box we should be playing, then play 4-ball in from there normally playing skins or 2-man best ball teams.
  3. 1. Blades will make you a better player. For some maybe but for most no. I prefer blades but they do bring the long/short miss into play where modern players irons lessen that miss. 2. 18 holes in 3 hours or less. Sorry not for me. It's my time....and in most cases in my area its 4 hours plus depending on the day and playing partners. My best 18 hole round this year (walking with no traffic, and playing well) is 3.5 hours. I'm rushed everywhere else in my life, I won't rush in my chance to decompress and enjoy the day. 3. The distance debate.....for me distance doesn't matter. In past seasons I've played rounds where I averaged over 300 off the tee with driver, got my tail handed to me by my playing partner who maybe hit 250. He showed me that being nails from 150 and in was the key. Wedges and putting too. Being deadly accurate with those will save you more strokes than any 300+ yard drive.
  4. Yep go thursday or friday, Check the tee times prior and park at a tee box or a green and watch half or most of the field come through, then go somewhere else or pick a couple groups and follow them around. The practice range is a good watch too as said above. Bring a good set of Binoculars...it makes for fun viewing from less crowded places.
  5. 681MB 690MB 695MB Tour Chrome Vokey 200 SM4 905R 904F 910 series Original Oil can finish Newport (poor mans 009).
  6. My 917D3 and F2 are my newest clubs got them last fall. Before that it was 905r and 904f and I may go back to them. 695MB, SM4 wedges, Ping G2 Anser putter. Never felt the need to upgrade accept for the driver/FW mainly because of the shaft specs. I'm waiting on shafts for my 905/904, they'll most likely kick the 917s out of the bag.
  7. Hard to beat dry joy tours, the hyperflex boa, or the proSL from footjoy. Puma ignite proadapt Nike roshe g tour
  8. I always at minimum rinse my hat as soon as I get home to remove sweat and salt. If it's a white hat I'll scrub it with some dawn if any dirt accumulated at the hat band area, but usually as long as I thoroughly rinse them out when I get home they've lasted for several seasons without looking like i mowed the yard in them.
  9. Still gaming my Ping G2 Anser (not the insert version).
  10. Up for sale today is a set of Titleist T100 irons 4-PW. Standard L/L/L, S300 AMT Tour White shafts, stock tour velvet grips. Had them for about 3 weeks, about 10 rounds and a handful of range sessions. $SOLD shipped. 2021 Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5. Standard loft and lie, 35", stock weights. Purchased at my local shop with the T100s. Comes with the pictured headcover (its all the shop could find when I bought it). $SOLD$
  11. Picked up a NOS 904f 5-wood the other day. After a few rounds and range sessions I’m certain I need to go at least 1 degree flatter on the lie angle. Can this one be bent at all or am I stuck? My 3 wood and driver are both 917 series so they’re adjustable, and I’m getting my desired flight and start line .75* flat on both. My 5 wood is starting inside my target line unless I exaggerate my push which ultimately makes it draw more either way it’s a left miss or left going left gonza... has anyone successfully bent the 904? Only need a degree, 2 at the most but one would help greatly.
  12. I try to limit myself to ~$500 a season. This lets me stay a member at our club and still play a ton and I have bag components on cycles. For instance this year I replaced my irons....since I didn't get anything new last year I had a $1k to spend on them plus my trade-ins. Since my irons were a grand, my trade-ins ended up helping me get my SC Fantom X 5.5 and stay on my budget. Year before last I replaced the top end of my bag going from 910 series driver/fw to 917 series, all either NOS or mint used. Saved enough getting not quite new stuff but newer than I had, and was able to replace the bag as well. Next season will be wedges, I play stock wedges whatever last years model was on close out so around $450 for those, I'll likely spring for an extra pair of shoes. Speaking of which I don't include expendable tackle (ie balls/tees/gloves) or shoes in the $500. I walk a ton of my rounds, so I grab 2 new pairs of shoes (previous year model close outs of course) over the winter each season. I've found it's better for me to do this than have sore/tired feet or back pain from bad shoes.
  13. Yep. Straight might be great but I'd rather be able to confidently eliminate one side of the course. It makes managing the miss easier, which essentially makes golf more fun.
  14. I made my own with $20 worth of leather material and supplies from Hobby Lobby....genuine leather, minimal design, works perfectly. Took me about 3 hours to make.
  15. Walk 75/Ride 25 -Cloth bag with my previous rounds used balls or balls i find that I like, usually 8-10 balls in there. -12 of my gamer ball (prov1x) loose (no boxes as I buy bulk over the off season). -Valuables pouch keeps my loose change (ball marks) divot tools and pencils. -Leather scorecard/yardage book cover. Yes I made it, yes I do actually use yardage books along with my laser. -Cheap bank money bag for new gloves (again no cardboard or plastic....i like to minimize trash). I usually have one decently worn glove for the range, a relatively new one for the round, and 2-3 new ones. Again something I buy in bulk in the off season. -Plenty of bulk cheap bamboo tees (1000 for like $15 i think), i usually just make sure I have a good handful in the bag as they break easy....natural color no painted tees. -Bushnell clipped on outside of bag. -Titleist microfiber towel on bag, $2 wal-mart towel around my range sticks, half wet. -Couple waters from the house -Rain hood, driver tool, very small tripod for my iphone for range work.
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