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  1. Miguel's Ping bag heading into 2013 is I20 driver, 9.5, UST Mamiya Attas T3 60x, 46” Anser 3 wood 14.5, UST Mamiya Attas T3 70x, tipped 1”; i20 5 wood, 18, UST Mamiya Attas T3, tipped 1.5” New Anser irons, 3-W, TT Dynamic Gold S300 Superlite, std. length, red colour code (3/4 deg flat) Tour Gorge wedges, 52 SS, 60 SS, TT Dynamic Gold S300 Superlite Anser Milled 1, 34” Here's 2 pictures [url="http://www.golfcentraldaily.com/2012/11/whats-in-bag-2013-miguel-angel-jimenez.html"]http://www.golfcentraldaily.com/2012/11/whats-in-bag-2013-miguel-angel-jimenez.html[/url]
  2. Here's what's in the bag of South African Branden Grace, three time European Tour winner in 2012. http://www.golfcentraldaily.com/2012/06/whats-in-bag-2012-branden-grace.html Regards, Donal
  3. Here's Ben's winning bag from the Valero Texas Open. Ben's caddie Ricky Elliot took the pic today in New Orleans. http://www.golfcentraldaily.com/2012/04/whats-in-bag-2012-ben-curtis.html Regards, Doc
  4. I have updated the graphic. This should be right.
  5. If you havent been to the show, check out this video. This video covered only about a third of hall and is speeded up Usain Bolt style. It's still 2 minutes long!
  6. Hoping to get a new Rory bag pic today in Dubai but here's his latest bag. http://www.golfcentraldaily.com/2012/02/whats-in-bag-2012-rory-mcilroy.html
  7. Padraig Harrington is gaming what's being heralded as a revolutionary new putter grip at Pebble. It makes the putter sit up on its toe like Steve Strickers. Here's the article http://www.golfcentraldaily.com/2012/02/padraig-harrington-using-revolutionary.html Donal
  8. What do you think?After bagging a 1,2,3 with my first tips of the year at the Hyundai Tournament Of (Some) Champions here's how I figure this week's Sony Open in Hawaii. Who do you think will do well and why? Regards Donal
  9. [size="3"]From Derek Murray , worlds top clubmaker 2010:[/size] [color="#333333"][size=2] [/size][/color] [size="3"]Gmac was testing a Cleveland TL310 with a Miyazaki C Kua 59 and had both drivers in the bag 20 mins before tee off. He went with the Callaway gamer. Will not have Callaway headcover and will have SRIXON headcover on the Cally unless he puts the new Cleveland in the bag.[/size]
  10. Sorry dude. Will try to get the graphics updated as soon as more pics in. It's always going to be a bit fluid until everything settles down. Cheers, Donal [quote name='pt_golfer' timestamp='1294313343' post='2877995'] Still wrong... He uses ZTX2 irons. The hybrids aren't the same as the pictured ones. [/quote]
  11. Ah JHMac, thanks a million for calling me a lunatic. That's really nice dude. Really nice Every what's in the bag on golfcentraldaily.com is done with the players and the tour truck guys. I know players change regularly, you have to take that into account. I'm only trying to make golfcentraldaily.com a fun site for golfers to get away from all the boring stuff on other sites. Anyway here's the most up to date GMac what's in the bag as confirmed by Graeme on twitter and Conor at Horizon. He's going with a cleveland launcher fairway and 588 wedges at Kapalua. Here's the link GMac What
  12. Here's Louis's What's In The Bag Graphic from my site [url="http://www.golfcentraldaily.com"]www.golfcentraldaily.com[/url]. Info from the Ping Tour Van. The full story and graphic are linked below [url="http://www.golfcentraldaily.com/2010/07/whats-in-bag-2010-louis-oosthuizen.html"]What's In The Bag 2010 Louis Oosthuizen at the British Open[/url] [attachment=628069:whats in the bag louis oosthuizen 2010.jpg] [size="2"]Driver: [/size] [size="2"]Ping Rapture V2 (9°) with Grafalloy Platinum 65 xshaft (44"). [/size] Fairway Wood:s [size="2"]Ping G5 series 3 wood (15°) and 5 wood
  13. Here's Ernie's Bag at the British Open. I did this with him last week. Check out all my witb's on golfcentraldaily.com. Cheers Donal GolfcentralDaily What's In the Bag Ernie Els 2010
  14. Here's the definitive what's in the bag of Gregory Havret at the US Open from www.golfcentraldaily.com Info from Ping tour truck. cheers Donal, golfcentraldaily http://www.golfcentr...ory-havret.html
  15. Here's Graeme McDowells Bag pics and equipment info from golfcentraldaily.com http://www.golfcentr...ll-2010-us.html New witb every week. Donal, golfcentraldaily
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