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  1. Sorry if this is a duplicate comment but did anyone else notice the Vokey wedges I’m his bag?
  2. Saw on Twitter he was testing Ping G425 drivers. https://twitter.com/hannahholdenncg/status/1349093535258193922?s=21
  3. I heard a rumor about him going to Bridgestone. I would assume if that were the case it would be a ball only deal. I have nothing to back up the claim so it may just be hearsay.
  4. I guess imitation is the best type of flattery but Cameron has been doing special event headcovers forever. Just wish brands were more original.
  5. Are those custom GP MCCs? They look like the black out but with blue in place of the white. Really cool.
  6. Missing those super secret Artisan wedges. I guess he doesn't want to publicly let that cat out of the bag.
  7. Saw that he eventually gamed his M6 over the SIM last week.
  8. Very cool bag. Tour needs more great characters like him too.
  9. Man, I hope he goes with the hybrid. I don’t really know why, I just hope he does.
  10. Seems like a pretty good move to me. A lot of great brands that can work together to make some great new products.
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