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  1. If you can't get an adapter then it would depend on how tight the shaft fits in the hosel. If it is tight with a shim or drywall tape then it may be possible to epoxy. However bottom bore to ground may be different. Also head weight.
  2. Many years ago I was checking for new clubs. (7 handicap at the time). I wanted some flash cavity back clubs that came on the market or the previous model that I also liked the look of. The pro also gave me a blade to try that would look better for cutting butter than hitting golf balls. The cavity backs were shanks most of the time. The blade was no shank. I bought the blades and it was another 20 years before I bought cavity backs. However I still shank more now but it is a swing fault.
  3. If graphite you may be able to tip trim and then recreate taper tip.
  4. If they are not taper tip you could remove some of tip first. However taper tip generally 7-8 iron shafts are used to create spin and softer feel.
  5. Hi Go to here Read it all(40 plus pages) then make a decision. It has helped a lot of poor putters as well as some reasonable ones.
  6. Sorry my bad - yes it will increase bounce. It will turn the head into a Ping G series type. Even more so.
  7. It can be done but with some difficulty. First bending shaft from 70 - 72 degrees to 79-80 lie angle is difficult. I have yet to do that without putting a kink in the shaft. Extending the shaft while simple (poke it down the old putter shaft) adds quite a lot of extra weight as well. Then a heap of weight is needed on the head. (Lead) If you have to raw materials to play with give it a go. If starting from scratch buy on old broomstick to play with. If it doesn't work out sell it.
  8. If I recall correctly they are forged so should be bendable to 4 deg or near that. Also adjust lie if possible. Weight also. Length will need adjusting but in the end you could end up with a reasonable replacement. If you still have the old shaft use that one. (Unless it broke) The club may dig more due to loss of bounce. I have been going thru something similar with some Ping irons. Older sets and finallly used an old demo 7 iron to convert to a 6. Unfortunately no one locally can bend it for me but I have it playing at a reasonable distance. Weight and length adjusted but
  9. Have you tried the shaft that fits in the MP 30 irons. I have seen the dents you talk about and feel it is possible that the shaft is slightly out of round and causing the tight fit. If you have not already done so try a wire brush or similar to ensure hosel is clean Also what happens if you tap shaft on the floor while holding the head. It should jam tighter but may go all the way in.
  10. I find the fixed length for such a wide varied height interesting. A 6 foot 2 inch person would have quite a different set up position to a 5 foot 8 inch person. To have hands and head in same position one must bend more than the other. I agree that there would not be much variation when taking a comfortable posture but an inch or two could make quite a difference to the stroke. I can use shorter putters but prefer 46 inches after a lot of testing. The putter balance also changes with length and this can be good or bad depending on feel.
  11. Caantputt. I prefer a 46-47 inch putter. I have found most broomstick putters convert to side saddle putting with little or no problems. Also I am an inveterate fiddler. I have just taken a 34 inch Odyssey backstryke putter and adjusted to lie angle from 72 deg to 79 deg. I then used a belly putter shaft down the original shaft to give me the 46 inch length. It is still a work in progress as I am adjusting head weight. It is the 2 ball version so I have put a line down the centre of the head. I like the backstryke style as it gives me a better look at alignment.
  12. Hi Thanks for replies. I am in NZ and cost of shipping etc to NZ is prohibitive. I am looking for a cheaper way out. (I am a cheapskate.) I got the heads - U wedge to 5 iron (no 6 iron) for under $100 USD. I had my own shafts and grips so it has been a cheap set. I love Ping gear as it seems indestructible (like Caterpillar bull dozer) and will keep looking for replacement 6 iron. In the meantime I will find some to use in its place.
  13. I have a set of Ping G30 irons but the 6 iron is missing. I got them at a great price and I do not want to go to a Ping dealer here (NZ) and get a replacement iron for the missing one. (Cost and other difficulties) I can get a Ping G2 5 iron which has similar loft and shaft length of the Ping G30 6 iron. Is there a lot of performance difference between the G30 and G2 iron. To me they look very similar but I have not hit any of the older Ping irons.
  14. If I get it right you want to move the swing weight 9 or 10 points. This is almost 20 grams to make that difference. Is the driving iron over length and this may be the cause of such swing weights. Adding length to the shaft maybe the way to go. I would suggest you work on one iron until you get the feel right. I would suggest the purchase of a demo iron to experiment with rather than keep altering your irons. Once you have it sorted then try one or two of your irons before committing the whole set.
  15. I find putting stats to be misleading unless great details of distance and type of putt is kept. A 5 foot straight putt uphill is different from a 5 foot downhill curler on extremely fast green. I judge my putting on the day as to whether I have hit the ball down the line I picked with the weight I wanted. If I am doing that then I am happy. Yes I will miss putts from a misread or bump in the green. However most putts will have a chance of dropping. I find face on putting allows me to be more consistent with line, and distance is getting better the more I play and practice.
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