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  1. Just trying to add to the idea that a putt is made on the green. It is not a putt if off the green. There was a distinction in previous rules if I remember correctly. What I was saying that a certain style of putting on the green was illegal but off the green it was not as it was not considered putting. Hence putting stats should be strokes made from the green. However as long as one is consistent either way stats will then show progress.
  2. If I recall a putt had to be on the green. Previous rules banned putting between legs (on the green) but it was legal off the green. New rules ban playing any shot between the legs except to avoid standing on someone’s line.
  3. I have Ping G hybrids 30 degree to 20 degree. As well as a full set of G30 irons. I played them on and off for last couple of years. After some recent rounds using hybrids then 8-PW I looked for some hybrid iron sets. I have just picked up some Wilson launch pad irons 4 - SW second hand. I have only played 2 rounds with them but so far I am impressed with them. They are particularly forgiving and consistent. Very wet conditions here now and soft fairways but I am getting distances and direction is better. I am 78 years old but a reasonable golfer. I have shot my age twice this year on
  4. I would also check the grip on the club. Is it aligned correctly.
  5. I am not sure if I am in the right forum here but my question is which is the better and why? I have Ping hybrids from 30 degrees to 19 degrees. I tend to hit them well. I am considering moving to a hybrid style iron (Wilson Launch Pad for example). What are the advantages of bulge and roll. I understood this was for forgiveness on mishits but I could be wrong. Are these new hybrid irons as forgiving as the hybrid.
  6. I have some Padersen Kinetixx wedge shafts that found were good. About 125 gms. might be hard to find now but if you like your current shafts they would be a good fit.
  7. I got it out. Soaked in spirits for 2 hours then took to it with a couple of home made grip removal tools. One thin and flat. The other about 1/8th inch round. This allowed me to ease the extension off the grip then push it out from the butt hole. I now have a usable grip.
  8. I bought some used Golf Pride CP2 Jumbo grips in great condition. One grip has a shaft extension stuck at the buitt end. I am trying to remove it. Before you tell me to chuck it they are unobtainable new here (NZ) at the moment and when in stock are $25-30. I am currently soaking the butt end (inside grip) with solvent. I will try and use a thin flat rod to ease under the extension and then push the extension out using a red thru the butt hole. Failing this I think the extension was plastic/graphie and I may consider trying to smash the extension then remove.
  9. I will putt from the fringe side saddle. However if it is long and up hill I will chip. Pin close to fringe then I will more likely putt. Each decision is different and generally will depend on confidence in the contemplated strike. I have sunk a lot of putts from the fringe so that helps with the confidence.
  10. I have found that squatting down a bit more than usual is helping combined with trying to hit a toe shot. Still having one or two a round. Also noticed that driver, fairways and hybrids are occasional very heel contact. More concentration and more practice required. also found single plane swing is helping.
  11. I have had shanking problems over the years. I am 78 years old and started golf in my 20’s. I usually cured them by hitting a few practice balls and getting my swing back. I tend to hit the ball inside the sweet spot towards the heel so if my swing is a half inch out I am hitting hosel rockets. I am currently going through my worst period of shanking. It is almost two months now. I have gone from shooting high 70’s - low 80’s to mid to high 90’s on our course. My shanks generally start when I am hitting the ball well and scoring low. I am trying everything (even a pro less
  12. On a course that I played where this problem occurred we felt that if the player ahead was on the wrong fairway he played first. If from behind then he waited The reasoning behind this was that the whole field behind the one player was held up while he waited for his turn to play. It was quicker for him to play and keep the field moving.
  13. Do a search for DST Golf - Delayed Strike technology. It may help. Some good videos.
  14. What are you hitting now. I am 78 and was single figures until early 70's. Now out to early teens. I went from Mizuno blades to Ping irons. Tried various G, I, S, series but have settled on G30's. They are all solid and it is what fits your eye and gives you the flight and feel you want. At least they would be a good starting place. Ping graphite iron shafts are good.
  15. I would suggest you pull them apart and get individual head and shaft weight. That would be a starting point.
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