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  1. What I have found recently that helps is to stay down on the ball. By this I mean that when hitting focus on the ball. Hit through the ball and do not look up until after this. The looking up early (for me) also makes me stand up a bit causing my hip and hands to go outside the swing plane and then the shank. Concentrating on staying down and hitting through the ball helps me. Trying not to swing too hard also helps.
  2. Bluedot are all your putters the same length or does the length vary with the weight.
  3. I am 79 and do all my own club work. I play 3 times a week. I am currently using regular shafts but recently tried my old blades (S300 shafts) for a round. I hit them pretty good as well. I would try several shafts and use what feels good to you. It may be stiff or even women's flex. Shaft weight I feel is very important and just as important as flex. I tried some regular flex graphite shafts in a set and could not get comfortable with them. Put reg steel back in and they were fine.
  4. skraly l know the rules re two grips and just never thought about it. It was the simple answer with no real problems. The original grip is round so no problems there. The only problem is removing the old grip. Time and hard work but do able. I did consider replacing the whole grip with two separated grips but would have lost a lot of weight. Just did not consider making it a split grip and using current top grips I have. Old and stupid I am. Itisworth considering for future changes with that putter. Thanks.
  5. You are right. In the end when I tried to remove the end I had cut it disintegrated. It was like hard plastic but cracked in places. I was able remove about 5 inches of grip and then cut 3 inches of the shaft off. Then using an old Pure Jumbo iron grip and masking tape to build up the shaft I got a reasonable match. it should pass the legality test. Thanks for all the replies.
  6. Thanks Skraly. I am almost at the end of testing for length. I use tape around the grip and grip below tape. I may be able to get local pro to remove the end bit with the injector tool if he has one. I have tried a syringe on other grips with little success. The grip is old and brittle and while in good condition I think the putter is 30 years or more old. It has the black face that is also rare. More testing to be done.
  7. Sorry but cost of shipping to New Zealand prohibitive. I am still working on length. I need to take at least 2 inches off to make putter legal. I use a push on ball gatherer on the end of the grip. Then putter measures 52 inches. I can grip down on the putter but would rather be legal as playing golf is playing to all the rules. Not just the ones you like.
  8. Socrates I use face on putting method with a putter length about 45-46 inches. I like a very heavy putter for this system and this putter appears to have great potential. (Don’t all putters until used for a while). I like the weight. If I completely removed the grip and replaced it with a 2 piece grip I would end up putting lead shot down the shaft to bring total weight to near 550 grams. Replacing grip and adding weight is a back up thought if all goes wrong.
  9. I have an old STX long putter. It is about 50 inches long and has the old Golf Pride long grip (about 26 inches) This grip is put on in two pieces with join butted up in the middle. I want to shorten the putter by 4 to 6 inches. I have tried air but the grip will not move at this stage. If I can get some movement in the top 6 to 8 inches I would cut around the rubber remove that bit and then cut to length. I could the use the upper piece (cut to length) to be the grip cap. I would leave one to two inches shaft bare to allow for this. I may have to just cut the grip away from the area I want to cut and use another round grip as a cap or try to remove end of grip after cutting using spirits and tool to get under the rubber. Any other suggestions welcome.
  10. Some of the heat shrink comes with a glue that is pretty good.
  11. I will generally use the matching gap wedge if available. I am old school and the old pitching wedges were 50 degrees loft. The Gap wedge is now about that so I consider it as just another club. If I was a great wedge player I may consider specialist wedges but I am not playing to that standard these days. I use the gap wedge for full shots and some pitches and chipping. I also use the matching sand wedge as well. I use a 58 deg lob wedge for bunkers.
  12. I am 78 and I use the Ping Distanza Senior shaft in my driver. I have been looking out for some steel senior iron shafts to use in my irons.
  13. I am 78 years old. I have played on single figures but am now generally 12-14 handicap. I got some Wilson launchpad irons (4-SW) earlier this year. I have found them exceptionally good. They are straight and high launching but do not always stop as quick on the greens. You can draw and fade these clubs if required but it takes more effort. I would definitely recommend this style of iron. Test them all and choose the one that feels the best.
  14. I have used several fitting heads in the past. I have not had any breakages but as a senior and slower swinger this would help prevent breakages. The insertion depth is no shorter than some other model irons from the past.
  15. I have used a Ping fitting club as a replacement club. The 8 iron was missing in my set. My pro had a 7 iron head where the back decal was missing. It gave the head weight of a 6 iron. I used it at 6 iron length for a while until I found and replaced it with a 6 iron. It performed just like a normal iron. My problem was I wanted to chang the loft but I was unable to do that. I would say go ahead and use it. It is designed to be exactly like the original club but with the ability for the fitter to use different shafts at the fitting.
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