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  1. GOOD DEALS!!For Sale: Scotty Cameron Newport 34". Was orginally oil can, but I when I bought it the finish had been stripped off and it was very rusty. So I decided to refinish it using some Birchwood Casey Plum Brown and it turned out fantastic. These pics were taken right after the refinish but the finish has worn a little from play. Comes with an orange/black Karakal grip. Enjoy. $160 shipped I accept paypal and money orders.
  2. prov1 or srixon z-urc for competition
  3. So obviously you just put this on here to brag...I agree with JCrew that this has NOTHING to do with golf in the slightest. If it was a thread on what kind of car you drive it could involve golf with keeping your clubs there as storage...or for how many bags you can fit in your car for a trip with the guys. Oh well...continue your bragging. I don't understand why you're getting so incensed over this thread? I stated it for what is is; this thread doesn't have much to do with golf but I just posted my response and moved on with life. It didn't seem like he was trying to hard to brag? Care t
  4. addicted by saving abel <<<good stuff
  5. 34 science, 32 math, 30 english, 27 reading for a 31 composite
  6. I just keep saying, if golf were as easy as you're saying (using my school as an example), then everybody would play golf instead of the 15 that are out right now compared to the 65 that are out for track
  7. pm sent edit: in addition, I do believe there is a 4 page thread about what car you drive, I think this thread is just fine
  8. what have you guys gotten on your ACT's/SAT's?
  9. 33 (-2) 3 birds 1 bogey, 4 fw 4 GIR we have our sectional tomorrow so I'm pretty glad to be playin pretty well, we'll see how it goes
  10. I also have 9* bounce on my lob wedge and with the grind on it, can pick shots off hardpan no prob
  11. i won a $25 gas card at our after prom this weekend and the first thing I thought was," Oh boy, a whole 1/4 tank" lol
  12. i know a lot of people play the putter grip but just wondering if anyone plays them on the rest of their clubs. thanks
  13. i love the old standby winn avs grip thinking about getting an iomic to put on a backup putter though
  14. i am a believer now, long straight and down the middle, amazzzzing sound gets on my friends nerves lol
  15. as far as swing preperation, i like to spend the day/couple days before and go the every club and all possible shots i might need and make sure im absolutely comfortable hitting everything
  16. is the "beach" standard on it? great find ;)
  17. exactly what you are taking about happened to me when I switched from an overlap grip to interlocking. I don't know why it happened, but it soon healed and it hasn't happened since.
  18. definitely get a lesson, it can be amazing what things can change and screw up your swing/game because you can't see them, a pro should be able to straighten you out right quick :clapping:
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