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  1. I love, absolutely love PG. I’ve been saying this for years on this board that PG might be the best bang-for-your-buck course in the entire state. The only other gem that even comes somewhat close is unfortunately closed down now, the Tom Doak-renovated Aetna Springs GC. I don’t agree that PG has views that rival CPC but I get what you’re saying. I’m very curious how the new TW design at Pebble Beach is going to play. Supposed to open sometime next month and hopefully the green fee will make it another California best bang for your buck.
  2. Anybody order these thru Morton’s? They’re supposed to be awesome dealing with Ping. Discount Dan’s as well. Any thoughts which one is “better”?
  3. Haha!!! Sometimes it takes me an hour to leave the house cuz I can’t decide which shoes I’m gonna wear!!! lol.
  4. We don’t worry about our games because all Wrx’ers are +17 caps and we flirt with 59 every time we tee it up. So naturally we worry about the hacks on the PGA Tour. C’mon now snagy you’ve been here long enough to know that jeez...
  5. The ball that you’re looking for is the Bridgestone BX, the 2020 version. Firmer feel on full shots, pretty good spin around the greens and ball flight is excellent in the wind. Just an all-around fantastic ball. Don’t let the swingspeed guide of only for +105mph swings deter you. This is a ball that all swingspeeds can use. The only negative would be not the greatest durability but what urethane ball is really awesome durability-wise? None. Bridgestone BX. Do it.
  6. Roger Dunn in Santa Ana is twice the size of the LA store
  7. I did exactly the same thing about 3 years ago. Feel and sound is so deep, and so satisfying. I used it for a handful of rounds then the Ho in me started barking and I quickly realized why i kept it in the extra staff bag at home...it’s not very forgiving at all. Miss it a bit and it literally feels like poo poo smeared all over your arm, then taking a long, slow inhale thru the nostrils. Uh huh, poo. These modern drivers are so much more forgiving than drivers of days gone by. With one exception. The TM Burner. Brandt Snedaker’s weapon of choice when his name was all over the
  8. You can always tell what kinds of equipment are big hits and hugely successful just by seeing the returns. At my local shop, there must be 50-60 used Titleist drivers, 80 TM drivers, 40-50 Cobra drivers, 80 Callaway drivers, and 10-12 Ping 410’s and about 7-8 G400 Max.
  9. Best advice I’ve ever heard. Never, ever, ever judge a player by his swing. I’ve been beaten countless times by golfers who swing like hacks. Worse than Wolff. I go by ball flight and short game. Good ball flight, good short game. Good player.
  10. Got my grey V’s and there’s dark dried glue near the toe eyelet and the adhesive bond along one of the heels looks so dang cheap. I know they don’t give a s**t but hopefully I can use them for 1 round before they fall apart. I mean... when you buy shoes, especially golf shoes, it would be somewhat nice if one could actually wear them, outside, on a golf course, on grass, for more than 1 hole, before they fall apart. I think that’s a humble expectation one would have WHEN BUYING $200+ GOLF S**T.....ER....SHOES.
  11. Those are turf shoes. I passed on a pair at Burlington for $19.99 4-5 months ago. They are very comfortable and very grippy, but, to me, offer absolutely no lateral support at all. I was rolling my ankles too easily in these shoes and no stability at all.
  12. Man, if only he didn’t have that little kick start he would’ve won the US Open. I bet his teacher Georgie Pie is yelling, cursing in his ear 24/7....... I told you!!!! I’ve been telling you for years!!!!! See what I mean now?????? JC if you would’ve listened to me about your little happy dance, you’d be holding the US Open trophy!!!! No good player has a happy dance before he swings. No one!!!!! You see, that’s the difference between you and Jim Furyk. You guys swing the same but he doesn’t have a happy dance. AND HE HAS A US OPEN!!!! Wolffie!!!! Hey!!! Where you g
  13. I love my G400Max. Only club in my bag that I REALLY do love. All the others that are in there know that they’re only in there on borrowed time.
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