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  1. They look good but the soles look like they would shred nice bent grass greens and would leave deep marks in the greens.
  2. Guys, let’s get back on topic. I was merely making a point about wedges, 1 wedge in particular, that hasn’t been made in 40 years and has never been remade with legal grooves ever and everyone here thinks it has been and I’m not gonna discuss it anymore. Let’s keep it about putters.
  3. He is staring right at the very beginning of a huge, slippery rabbit hole. As Ace Ventura said once said, Do NOT! Go in there!!! Whew!!!!!! Golf is hard. Augusta has arguably the worlds toughest greens in tournament conditions. He had a bad two days. BFD. Move on and keep going.
  4. They did a LW in the Eye2. Not the LW in the Eye2+.
  5. This is the best LW in golf history and it’s nearly 40 years old. Bring it back!!!
  6. One area where I’m really disappointed with Ping is their wedges. Ping wedges were the absolute best. Different grinds and shapes and just way out there in front of everyone else. Now they’ve been past by seemingly everyone. If I was president for a day at Ping, I’d fire up the castings and remake the Eye2/Eye2+/Zing2 SW and LW grinds again with legal grooves. And no, they haven’t already done that. When they did they screwed it up so bad, did a lame dark gray finish on them and didn’t give the people what they want. We want 431 cast SW’s and LW’s in the EXACT finish as the Eye2
  7. Hahahaha!!!! Spoken like a true club Ho!
  8. Me 2. I like the original one better. The ‘19 version was better at full shots but for me, not as versatile around the greens from different lies, esp bad lies.
  9. I know this might sound like a dumb question but, do your irons sound ok? I got rid of a set of G425’s because they sound very clacky, if you know what I mean. And I’m also interested in the 699 Pros but if they sound like the 425’s I’d be leery.
  10. My 29th pair of AJ golf shoes. Very comfy but no lateral support at all. These with a LC 4 sole would be schwing!
  11. What Sub70 is doing, is slaying every single OEM out there right now. Sub70 is here. Everyone else is down here.
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