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  1. I’m gonna take some heat for this but it’s gotta be said. When people complain about the price(green fee),it immediately sends red flags about how people “rate” or “enjoy” courses. The green fee is irrelevant in rating or liking a golf course. It shouldn’t have anything to do with it. I also think people are forgetting that Pasa is not a pure public golf course. The golf course is semi-private. They have members who have paid alot of money to have the course to themselves during prime times. The public adds to their bottom line but the green fee is MEANT TO KEEP THE PUBLIC AWAY FROM PASATIEMPO. Its expensive because they want to limit the riff-raff and let’s be honest, with post-covid golf there’s a lot of riff raff. They can absolutely have this policy and it’s their right being a semi-private club. That said, Pasatiempo is a crown jewel in California golf history. It absolutely is a wonderful golf course filled with history and golf architecture. It’s had its ups and downs with the current drought situation but to not play Pasatiempo would be a real shame. Don’t balk at the green fee. It is what it is. It’s a pure challenge, an engaging walk through history and a course that can absolutely make you love/hate golf. They have burger dogs like Olympic Club and the range could be a little bit nicer, but I’d rather play Pasatiempo than any course in Monterey other than PB, Spy, Spanish and Poppy.
  2. The absolute heaviest stock wedges I’ve ever come across were the Nike Engage wedges. Those wedges were like chipping with an anvil, so bleepin heavy. But that’s just my opinion….
  3. Not Bruce Wayne. Bruce Lee!!!!!!! Caublasian?????
  4. I have MMT 70R’s on my 0311 XPs and have Recoil 660 F3’s on my Sub70 639 CB’s. The Recoils feel stiffer and the MMTs feel very light. Both are great for vibration dampening but I prefer the feel of the Recoils vs the MMT. If the MMTs were a touch stiffer both would play virtually the same. This is JMO and I’m sure others can chime in and give their opinions which may be the complete opposite lol.
  5. Rhoback Rhoback and FJ shirts are virtually identical right down to the more sturdy collar.
  6. DQ’d Again? DFL Champs LOFT Pros #wouldratherbeknitting SandbaggerKings Golfsucks;Tacosrule
  7. Thanks! Would’ve never even thought.
  8. Jay. Just curious. What is this? What can this be used for? Btw, it fits business cards perfectly. Just for a size reference.
  9. You rock jholz. Asian, good-looking and decent performance. Can’t go wrong with any of that!!!!
  10. All of you are sick, grotesque people. Playing 1 ball type all year????? What fun is that? I bet all of you go to parties and talk to only 1 person…in a dark, dimly lit corner. J/K people!
  11. Not true at all. To sign up for US Open qualifier’s you have to be a 1.4 or less. Don’t know what it is for Senior Open. Probably around 3-5 ish.
  12. 6 courses, championship even…mind you, and 3 are public, which is nice. And the other 2 are private, championship courses. Um…sir…uh…never mind.
  13. A Golfwrx 4 cap can whip Tiger post recovery, can easily play and beat most LPGA pros, can stripe 2 irons off the tee 285 yds never missing the fairway once, while being on the board of 27 clubs, but a Golfwrx scratch can’t break 85 at Augusta National for the first time with Sunday pins and conditions with no caddie and 1 hr warm up.
  14. For me, it’s not that the newer drivers are longer but they are WAY more forgiving. I put an original Rapture driver/ VS Proto65 “By you” in play 2 years ago and I hit some of the longest drives I’ve ever hit. But if I was off my misses were horrible. I bought a G400 Max brand new when it came out and I’m still hitting it. Passed on the G410 and 425.
  15. I have tons of WM clothes. Service has always been spot on. Never had issues with them even when returning a few items. That said, their clothes now, is really awful. Looks like they’ve changed suppliers and the quality and feel of the fabrics are very different from before. The stitching on some of my most recent shirts is absolutely pathetic. Looks like a 2nd grader stitched the back of one of my shirts, by hand, not with a machine. The only reason I didn’t return it is because it’s out of stock and a floral pattern so hopefully people don’t notice it very much. My earlier orders were NEVER like this, EVER. The softness of the shirts is gone. The fabric feels scratchy now and nowhere near as supple as before. Some of my most recent shorts that I ordered aren’t nearly as nice as THE EXACT SAME SHORTS I ordered a year and a half ago. The stitching and pull of the shorts is different and overall, looking at all their recent designs and patterns, it’s been a huge turn off. I’m not totally done with WM but they’ve taken a huge step backwards IMO in regards to quality, value, vision, and just flat out caring. Seems to be taken over by greed, laziness and not giving a D about their own products.
  16. I like 1ball better. It has a more sophisticated ring to it vs. Lance. Lance reminds me of lancing an abscess. Gross.
  17. If they did a PLD Anser double wide body center shaft, I’d be there like yesterday. I also wouldn’t mind living the rest of my life with 1 test**cle and be called 1ball, if they took test**cle’s for payment.
  18. Poor kid. Been dealing with people calling him by the wrong name his whole life.
  19. JMHO, the longer putter is heavier. It smooths out your stroke and gives you better tempo and feel. Sometimes with a short putter the stroke can get a bit stabby and quick, esp on short putts. I’d give it some time before you make a final decision but it’s good to have different setups and options when 1 particular putter ain’t working out.
  20. I’ve had 699’s(returned thru their satisfaction guarantee) and now 699 pros. For me, both of these irons are fantastic. Absolutely play way more than their worth. Most OEM iron offerings cost >$1000-$1,500 bucks. I can’t see paying that much when Sub70 has a full-lineup of different types of irons for literally half of that. And on top of that the service you get it’s a no-brainer.
  21. I know right? Place has brown, dead grass on all the tees. Guess they can’t pay their water bill…
  22. There is no better way to start my day, with a L on drop day. So sweet. God bless those fine folks at Nike.
  23. Picked up a LW today. Will give it a workout tomorrow.
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