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  1. Dropped the price on everything. Can still give a slight price break if you want to buy everything together.
  2. No need to feel lost. You have a really good swing. It's easy to get panicked after time off. Get some flexibility back and the swing will get smoother and more consistent. From there you might need to put in a little swing work, but if your body is holding you back, you need to take care of that first
  3. Your swing actually looks really good. You just look a little stiff (rotationally) on the way through. I wouldn't tinker at all based on those swings and your description. If you're tight from rust/being injured, keep working at getting your flexibility back. That should help you open up better through impact and could help with potential overtaking rate issues (club passing your hands too quickly). That would help stabalize contact, curve, and start direction.
  4. It's the regular KBS Tour shaft. They started making the distinction after the Tour V was released I believe.
  5. Thought I was going to game these, but ended up with another staff deal. They're all brand new, never been hit. Willing to shave a bit off if you want them all. Shipping to con US EDIT* Big price drop. Trying to get this out ASAP 2016 TaylorMade M1 3 Wood with Fubuki J70 Stiff shaft, GP White Tour Wrap grips -- $250 PSi Tour Irons 3-PW, KBS Tour T Stiff shafts, White Tour Wrap grips, standard lie/length -- $1,000 TourPreferred EF 52* ATV wedge, KBS Tour T Stiff, White Tour Wrap, Standard lie/length -- $100
  6. [quote name='AUDuffer' timestamp='1375717995' post='7608212'] I wouldn't mind seeing some pics of the sole and topline--nice touch with the ferrules; is that standard for them or was it something custom? [/quote] [attachment=1821508:IMG_0465.jpg] [attachment=1821510:IMG_0461.JPG] [attachment=1821514:IMG_0458.jpg] I installed everything so the ferrules were my doing. They have Orange Pure grips on them that match the paint fill.
  7. Here's a pic of the forged model (I can add more if someone is interested). IMO they look and feel pretty good. Certainly not as terrible as many of you are suggesting they would be. [attachment=1818378:KickXiron.jpg] Also, the ball is nice. They have a really soft feel. I was actually really surprised at how they felt considering this was their first offering. Honestly, they feel better to me than a few of the popular tour balls. I'm sure they will keep tweeking, but, again, they deserve a bit more respect than they are getting here. I haven't tried any of the other stuff. The putters
  8. WRX is where I go when I want info on the newest clubs or help with club repair. Also, it helps me connect with the golfing community and get better as an instructor.
  9. [quote name='CAT GOLFER' timestamp='1371558089' post='7270672'] I basically play little to no break on aerated greens, aim at or around the hole and give it a good stroke. Expecting to consistently make putts is out the window. [/quote] Best advice so far. Aerated / top dressed greens require you to play less break and more speed. The reasoning being this: Aerated greens are bumpier and slower than they normally would be. This means that the ball spends more time in the air than it normally would and you have to hit your putts harder than you normally would. Because of that, the ball will
  10. You are more than likely too open to the target. To compensate for having your stance too open, you get too shallow and shift path too much out to the right. I could be wrong, but this is one of the most common faults I see. If I'm right, I would try getting your stance more square and getting the club more "on plane." Here are a couple drills that I use: Close your stance just as much as you were opening it before. So same amount aimed away from the target, but in the opposite direction. From there, try to get the ball to start at the target by swinging to the left (AKA, face and path
  11. It helps take stress off the grass. It allows you to stand in one spot for longer.
  12. Agree with Monte. He needs to feel the trail hip stretch up and behind and/or feel lots of pressure work into the trail heel (and probably needs to feel it stay there in transition.)
  13. [quote name='iteachgolf' timestamp='1370905427' post='7209228'] Since their seems to be interest I may try and film an instructional video on the short game. Would like to do something nice if I'm actually going to do it and I will have to charge (very cheap) just so it is fair for people who fly to see me in person to hear same information. Biggest issue is time as I'm extremely busy PS. Shots above are extreme and not basic shots and would almost never be needed in a round of golf. Also can't recommend anyone else hit high pitches from their courses greens without expecting to get in
  14. The arms were probably working better in the before. Your issue, as Monte pointed out, is that you have very little shoulder and hip rotation.
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