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  1. I set about this summer to make the game easier through club setup. To do so, I was going to either get the cobra forged tec blacks one length or the Ping G410's. I went with the one lengths (4-G) to give them a try. I haven't found problems with gapping thus far, but the short irons are a bit of a challenge. I am a high ball hitter and they hit it incredibly high; so high that I have had a bit of a problem in the wind. I also found that my 54 and 60, which are still variable length, became less consistent with half shots due to the differences in length. Overall, my scores haven't changed muc
  2. I don't know about class envy. I don't envy the class. I envy the golf. And I never said the bob hope classic, but if the USGA were to go to pebble, bethpage, chambers bay and torrey as a Rota, the other courses would lose some of their notoriety as open courses.
  3. When they say enough is enough, there are many other courses around. If the USGA were to build its own rota of 3 US open courses, the notoriety of the other courses would fade and people wouldn't be as interested.
  4. I really like the fact that there are charity tournaments that allow you to get on some of the courses. It's great, and its great that courses are willing to host. I've been lucky and able to play a bunch of elite courses that are pretty difficult to get on in the northeast. Places like Fishers island, Fairfield CC, Kittansett, Eastward Ho, etc - have all been great experiences in my playing career and when I talk to fellow players about courses, its sad that most will never get to experience places like this. And these aren't even Open courses - just all great and unique in their own way.
  5. Golf for the masses. Look up some of the cases in the northeast about taxes. Apologies for not being as intelligent as you. Oh, and I've played those courses, thanks!
  6. It would certainly encourage more people to try for the lottery, give good press for an event at one of the courses, allow the public to see what other people might actually shoot at a venue like this. And why does the burden on the course matter? These are places that grow money, some modify their courses based on the evolving game - and they are lucky to be able to do so.
  7. And that is very "generous" of them - but they are under little obligation to do so. If they wanted to they could certainly reduce that number whenever you wanted. The point about the charity in this one particular case is well taken I will certainly look into it as it is a nice way to get on the course and support a local charity. Is the municipal course still going to be used for parking as was talked about when they were talking about having the open?
  8. In essence, I think courses should have outside play because I and other people can't play on them. Sounds dumb, but these are iconic courses in our game that even the most ardent of players will never get to play. Golf courses in the US should become less insular and open up a bit. Yeah - members pay a lot. But why even allow your course on TV if you are never going to let anyone play?
  9. Who cares if the players are "yabos" - they are golfers. As long as they follow the rules and are respectful, who cares? That kind of labelling just paints a negative caricature of the common golfer. And why not force them - for the good of the game. . .
  10. Are you available January 16th-18th for this event? YesCurrent driver setup? Titleist TS3 evnflow white T1100What excites you about the new TaylorMade SIM woods? The aerodynamics of the club head to increase speedAre you willing to document your experience in the GolfWRX forum as well as on social media? Absolutely.
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