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  1. NIB 2013 JPX EZ XP S300 shafts Forged heads 4-GW. $sold shipped all reasonable offers considered. Paypal Only PRICE drop on the HOT Metal 5-GW now $595 shipped Priority with full price offer other wise snail mail.
  2. NIB JPX 900 forged HOT METAL 5-GW with Project X LZ 70 Gram Regular Flex Graphite shafts. $645 shipped, all offers considered .Paypal only. NIB 2013 JPX EZ XP S300 shafts Forged heads 4-GW. $375 shipped all reasonable offers considered. Paypal Only
  3. While I applaud your opinion, I have been club fitting for a number of years and for me, the ratings have been dead on with regard to shafts but on the other hand if you aren't truthful when looking for a shaft. no amount of ratings will help.. I have used Maltby from Xstiff to Senior flex and have always been happy with the results. Just my .02.
  4. IRON Sets etc from yesterday AP2 SOLD Taylor Made Tour Preferred Cavity backs $245 4-PW Rifle Shafts COBRA AMP Cell 4-AW Regular Graphite 210 Bettinardi Queen Bee Mallet $235 Will look at all offers. NO TRADES PAYPAL ONLY Got to move these color TV's......................................Moving
  5. Titleist AP2 2014 4-PW with Nippon 850GH Shafts in Regular Flex $385 Like New Taylor Made TP Cavity Backs 2014 4-Pw with NEW Project X Flighted Shafts in 5.0, shafts are Spine aligned and new grips. $325 Like New, Absolutely no Browning COBRA AMP CELL (Blue cavity Back) Irons 4-gw with COBRA 55gm, Mid Kick and Mid Torgue Graphite Shafts $250 No Browning Bettinardi Queen Bee # 6 with Bettinardi Headcover and White Grip. $285 Will consider all reasonable offers. PAYPAL ONLY! []
  6. I have this driver with a AD DI graphite design shaft in senior flex I'm 68 and still hit 12-13 fairways a round and play to a 2.4 index. I can't for the life of me understand what the weight does. I see them advertised in various weights from the chinese but what is the purpose?
  7. 2014 AP2's 4-PWUsed 1 season by me, bought Spring 2015. No browning, condition is 9/10 nice set $430 +10 shipping 2-3 day Priority Mail. Nippon N.S. Pro 850 GH in regular flex. Taylor Made Tour Preferred Cavity Backs 2014 4-PW Project X Flighted Rifles in 5.0 new Grips 9/10 $365+10 shipping 2-3 Day Priority Mail. 2 MINT Bettinardi Queen Bee Putters Model #6 and Model #7. Both 35" and with Bettinardi Headcovers and Pistol Grips. #6 $ 275+10 shipping 2-3 Day Priority Mail #7 $290+10 shipping 2-3 Day Priority Mail Odyssey Tank Cruiser Putter 38". Counter-balanced and has weight kit. Comes w
  8. Growing up in Seattle, Not a great town for golf. My Da was either going to purchase a boat or join a golf club. He joined Rainier Golf and Country Club. I played from the time I was 8 years old. I remember getting my first set of clubs 'Gene Litltler Blades 2-PW. I was a natural athlete and took to it and worked hard and played to a 6 when I was 10 yo. I was pretty good but not as good as another Jr. member Jim Mclean who has gone on to bigger and better things. My Da was a 7 hdcp and we would play and it wasn't until I was 37 yo that I was able to beat him. He had the sharpest needle in to
  9. Parents joined a country club. Was a solid 4 handicap @ 9 years old. Played until I was 12 then started playing baseball. Didn't play again until I was 34. I wouldn't play the game if it was easy. Now 67 still a solid 6 but have some physical problems, feet and calves are numb. Had both knees replaced. ButGod help me, I love it so. The most fun is watching a perfectly struck ball and the feeling you get from it.
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