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  1. I'll bump this also. Interested in and updated list of good instructors.
  2. Still using a 2ball for over 10yrs myself. Just moved from white ice to Oworks black.
  3. Thanks for the info. Might need to give the Sim a shot.
  4. Interesting. Anyone else test ts3 against these new drivers? Might just try a new shaft in my ts3
  5. I've started with the planemate and really like how it stops you from flipping and helps with rotatiin. I do notice that the miss it creates is a push / slice because of the face being open. Im thinking its due to slow rotation but I keep the wedge with the band in the follow through well. Any tips on squaring the club using this? The chip from day 3 seems to be tough for me and gives me the same miss with face open..
  6. > @Bebsport678 said: > Has anyone had any success making A Homemade version? > > Lol I'm really tempted to make one with a lifting belt. Might do it until this comes
  7. Has there been any updates on if there is a change of having them come earlier then January. Hate waiting for this thing.
  8. Has anyone tried his online package of drills etc for $500 a year? Worth it?
  9. I just finished painting it in. Used blue painters tape to line up against the current tape then pulled the black tape off leaving the white exposed. I bought an acrylic black painters pen and filled in the white. Once dry, pulled the tape and now no worries for the tourney. Total time: 10 Minutes. Pics attached.
  10. > @Jc0 said: > > @Scotty1140 said: > > > @Jc0 said: > > > I think it's fine. Tape is semi-perminent in that if it comes off your not going to be able to put it back on. The point of the rule is so you can't adjust it over the course of the round. > > > > That's how I've understood the rule. > > To me it's going to depend on the rules person at the tournament. Basically the rule states it's up to the organizers to determine if the putter is conforming in a situation like this (prove the tape is semi-perminent). Just check before the round starts and just know you may have to take it off based on what they decide. So this definitely seems like a gray area. I really like how it looks and where it is now (been there for 5 years). I wouldn't want to take it off as that is not what I'm used to. I think the fact that jll62 is so sure it is not legal is enough reason to have me paint it in as there might be someone in the field that might be just as sure. Golf is already stressful enough... On another note, for the most permanent fix does anyone have a good paint or paint pen that I should use? Don't want to use a sharpie.
  11. I've read a dozen different posts on this but wanted to get some last final feedback. I have an old 2-Ball putter that I use that I've been using a Black Sticker/ Car Stripe as an alignment aid. It has never come off or frayed etc and is semi permanent to me. I am in a tournament this weekend and realized this could possibly be and issue. 1. Can I use it as is and be legal? 2. Add A clear coat it and be legal? 3. Have to remove it and paint or sharpie a new line. Thank you!
  12. How about the Callaway 300 Pro Laser Rangefinder for 149.99 with slope. Seems pretty good. Anyone tried this one? https://www.amazon.com/Callaway-Laser-Rangefinder-Slope-Measurement/dp/B01KP195PY
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