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  1. Pm and I can help send solo photos to help get correct lighting and color for you!
  2. Ok so color schemes in the original pictures are top far right navy/white, then the one left of it is white with green puma. PM me and I’ll send my number so we can text better pictures if you are interested! It is white and green! All are fitted except the two with the puma block on the The orange with white and dark grey with orange!
  3. The inside of the hats say size 6 7/8-7 1/4 but my dad has a bigger head and they fit on his head with no problem. I know the snap backs will fit no problem and I would be shocked if the other monolines wouldn’t fit a 7 5/8 size head
  4. The snap backs would for sure! I’ll be back home in an hour to check what the hat says on the inside for size!
  5. Hey guys, this is Stratton, I’m selling a ton of my puma hats that some I have never worn and a few I have worn for one tournament. Many are in brand new condition and the others are in 9.5/10 condition! Snap backs(brand new never worn)- $50 each black and orange monolines - $50 each One with stickers still on the hat- $35 the rest of the monolines $30 I will make good deals on multiple items purchased! If you are interested or have any questions, PM me and I’ll respond as soon as possible! Thanks everyone, Stratton
  6. Hopefully these pictures are a little better of the jackets! Thanks for all the interest everyone! Go Pokes!!
  7. Everything is size small! I have one large white jacket! Sorry, forgot to put sizes!
  8. new shirts.pdfHello everyone, this is Stratton, Deerslayer's son! I have some more OSU Team gear for sale! The pricing: Top 40, 150, 50 Upper Middle 60, 55, 60 Lower Middle 50, 55, 55 Bottom 40 The long sleeve FJ rain jacket has all tags and retails for 299.99 form what I looked up. Everything is new and has not been worn! PM for Texting or questions! Go Pokes, Stratton
  9. Thanks everyone for the interest on the OSU Gear! Everything on here has been sold but I will make a new post of the last itms I have left for sale in a little. Go Pokes, Stratton
  10. Just a heads up, the three shirts in the middle row(the mediums)and the Peter millar black and white stripped shirt (middle of top row) have all been claimed/sold!
  11. 10 shirts.pdfHello everyone, this is Stratton, Deerslayer's Son, all of these items are new and are team issued! The top and bottom row are size small, while the middle three shirts are all medium! These 10 team issue golf shirts all have never been worn. The top and middle row are all $50 each, the bottom row are $40 each. I will give discounts on multiple items purchased! PM me for texting and sending more detailed photos of each single item! Thanks everyone!
  12. IMG_2567.pdf IMG_2566.pdf IMG_6887.pdf IMG_4879.pdf IMG_9772.pdf IMG_1217.pdfHello everyone, this is Deerslayer's son, Stratton! From now on I'll be taking over this post and hopefully responding to your comments faster and easier. My email is [email protected] if you have any questions about items or discounts on multiples, let me know!
  13. My son has graduated and has a lot of authentic Team Issue gear that has never been worn still with tags and some just worn for a photo shoot. He is keeping the played in shirts and selling doubles and new. We have a LOT more but I will only be able to list 10 items as per the rules. You can also PM me to view some of the other gear he will list on ebay if not sold here. He has a LOT of Tour Issue Puma caps, shoes also that will be listed later if interested. Here are the first 10 of the oSu Team issue Shirts: Nike Players Shirt Orange size Sm $40 shipped Nike Players Shirt Sz Md $55 shipped Nike Sz Md $50 shipped Nike Size Sm $40 shipped Nike Sz Md $50 Shipped Nike Sz Md $40 shipped PING Sz Sm $40 Shipped PING SZ Sm $40 shipped PING Sz Sm $30 shipped PING Sz Sm $30
  14. Need to get some good shots of his set now. He wanted the Pac-Man theme on his wedges and I have been waiting on a larger circle stamp. His Hoofer Lite Tour bag is one PING should sell on the open market as I think they would sell a ton of them. Has the classic white bag with all PING in black.
  15. Yes. Edel is here in ATX and he was fitted there year before last and has a set of their irons, a couple of his putters and wedge sets. He put them in the bag early this spring to give them a try again.
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